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A Giant Question Mark

That’s what the future looks like right now.  A giant question mark.

We joined this mission organization back in 2007 as associate members.  That’s a six-month to four-year commitment.  At the end of four years, we can either stay on as full members or pack up and move on to the next thing.  Our four year mark is coming up in December.

Initially, we assumed we’d stay on forever.  Now, we aren’t so sure.  Actually, we are feeling more and more sure that we are not supposed to stay.

So what’s next?  Who knows?

My husband is sending his resume out.  Right now, his resume is hanging out in the inboxes of a ministry, some non-profit organizations, and some corporate places — in Atlanta, Washington DC, Blacksburg, VA.  The resume is probably on its way to Charlotte, maybe even some places in the Orlando area.

We just don’t know.  Big question mark.

I am gearing up to homeschool the children this year.  I’ve been an on-again, off-again homeschooler for a while now, but I’ve never homeschooled six children.

This is the year my baby would have gone off to kindergarten.  I was this close to having a quiet home, time for mid-morning coffee with friends, time to stay caught-up on laundry, the opportunity to watch Rachel Ray.  I could have eaten dark chocolate with my last cup of morning coffee without having to hide!

Instead, I’m bringing everybody home.  I’ll be teaching kindergarten, second grade, third grade, fifth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade.

I’m excited!  I’m terrified.  I’ll love it.  I’ll hate it.  I’ll feel like SuperMom.  I’ll feel like LoserMom, losing her patience over multiplication tables and cursive writing.

So, we’ll be starting our homeschool year in Florida.  And we have no idea where the school year will end.  It’s all a big question mark.

How about you?  Have you ever lived with a huge question mark hanging over your head?  You survived, right?  RIGHT?  You can encourage me?  You can encourage me, you know, right down there in the comment section, by telling how you survived the dreaded question mark.

And you’ll pray for me.  For my husband’s job search.  For my kids. For our apartment neighbors, who probably enjoyed the hours of quiet while my kids were in school.  Right?  RIGHT?



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