October? Really?

Seriously?  It’s October?  When did that happen?

It’s fall.  My favorite season.  You know, Florida doesn’t experience autumn.  Palm trees don’t turn glorious colors.  There are no sidewalks covered in crunchy burgundy leaves.  Floridians don’t put on jeans and cable-knit sweaters and Merrell boots and rake leaves for their children to jump in.  There is no strolling through the woods enjoying the crisp air and a hundred shades of red and orange then sitting inside sipping hot chocolate or spiced cider next to a fire.

No, there’s none of that in Florida.

But I’m not in Florida.

I’m in Massachusetts.  Boston.  And Boston does experience autumn.  Right now.  Which makes me a happy girl.

I’m looking out a window, and there are trees with red and green and yellow leaves.  There are still far more green leaves than any other color, but a taste of autumn is a feast to a girl from Florida.

This morning, I saw people wearing jeans and sweaters and fleece vests.  They were strolling down sidewalks, sipping Starbucks, crunching little yellow leaves under their feet.  They were wearing chunky, clunky boots and LL Bean hats, playing with their dogs in the park.  They were pushing strollers, their bundled-up babies getting rosy cheeks in the cool air.

It’s autumn here.

I am wearing a scarf and a sweater.  And I’m not sweating.  In Florida, I wear scarves and sweaters to keep me warm in the air conditioned buildings and then de-layer to actually go outside.

This morning, I actually did that little dance, rocking back and forth from my right foot to my left with my arms crossed and my hands jammed under my armpits just to keep warm!

It’s autumn in Boston.  I am seeing every yellow leaf, every cool breath of air as a gift just for me.

It’s October.  Autumn in Boston.  And it’s lovely.  Very lovely.



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2 responses to “October? Really?

  1. Wilma in WV

    Everyone at home is telling me how cold it is and that they’ve had to turn the heat on. I’m really enjoying the sunny weather.

  2. I wore a jacket while I was there–and my light weight sweater or long-sleeved shirts. The below-80 temperatures were very pleasurable, and the leaves turning colors made me nearly giddy. 😉 The autumn in Boston “experience” was truly a treasured gift since we deep south Texans have the same “autumn” that you Floridians have. It was WONDERFUL getting to experience my favorite season, even if it was only for a few days.

    (So glad that you enjoyed it too–I still wish that our itineraries would have matched up for at least 1 day!).

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