We Are Invincible — as long as He says we are

Last year when my husband nearly died but didn’t because so many little details fell into place at exactly the right time, it was obvious God spared his life.

Our family doctor just happened to insist on doing an EKG just because my husband was diabetic, even though he didn’t have any signs of heart disease — he wasn’t overweight; he didn’t have high blood pressure; he didn’t have chest pains or swelling or any other heart issues at all.  But the family doctor did an EKG.  And it wasn’t right.  And one thing led to another which led to another, and my husband didn’t die.  But he could have if our family doctor hadn’t done that EKG.

This year we have also seen God intervene in some pretty obvious ways.  Little details lined up and even some weird things fell into place which led to other things falling into place.  And all of it culminated in the trip to Boston and the diagnosis of sarcoidosis instead of ARVD, which leads to treatment, which leads to less heart damage, which leads to a longer, fuller life — we hope.  Or whatever it leads to, at least we have seen God’s hand at work.  He has been so conspicuous throughout it all.

So I was telling a friend today that God has intervened so many times already, showing that it wasn’t Patrick’s time yet.  That comforts me.  I mean, I know God is sovereign.  I grew up in church.  I went to a Christian college.  I’ve done a lot of years of Bible Study Fellowship.  I know God is sovereign.  But it’s still nice when He makes it really evident.

I told my friend that I have been reminded of the Bible accounts of the mobs trying to snag Jesus and kill Him.  But they weren’t successful because it wasn’t His time.  But when it was Jesus’ time, He just gave Himself up to the authorities and didn’t really speak up in His own defense.  It was time.  So He died.

God has made it really clear to me that He didn’t allow Patrick to die because it wasn’t time yet.  He is absolutely in control.  And so, when it is Patrick’s time (if I’m still around), I won’t be wondering what if we had done this or what if the doctors had done that or what if anything.  There will be no what if’s.  I’ll know that it’s his time.  Because God has intervened so obviously when it wasn’t his time.

I’m not trying to be morbid; I find that extremely comforting.  And I hope that whenever I die, my family members are consoled with that truth — God is completely in control, always.

I’m reminded of my sweet 10-year-old daughter Rachel and her prayer for her daddy the first weekend he was in the hospital.  She said, “And, God, I thank you that my daddy is completely invincible until You are ready to take him home.” What a truth!

I’m so thankful that my Father has gone to great lengths to show me His involvement, His sovereignty in our lives.  I’m so grateful He has taken the time to patiently build my faith.  I’m so glad that we’re invincible as long as He says we are.


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  1. beautiful and true and comforting… Thank you!!

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