So Far, So Good

I am very exhausted and really want to track down my kids from the hallways, plop them in front of a movie, and take a nap.  But, before I do that, I thought I’d stop in here and update you all.

We’ve been home from Boston for almost a week, and so far, so good.  The defibrillator has not struck again. Actually, a device-check on Monday indicated my husband hasn’t had any runs of vtach since we were in the hospital in Boston.  That is great news.  The ablation helped; the antiarrhythmia meds are working; it’s all good for now.

Like most major league baseball players, my husband is now on steroids.

Ok, Ok.  Not that kind of steroids.  He reminds they’re not that kind of steroids every time I ask him when he’s going to start looking like Ahhnold.  Or when I start acting all Frick and Frack and saying something about being here to pump you up.

He’s on a big ole’ dose of Prednisone.  Which means he’s also on an antibiotic (because the steroid suppresses his immune system) and Prilosec (to prevent an ulcer).  We bought a treadmill because he needs to walk every day to keep his bones strong (because Prednisone can weaken bones) and to keep from gaining weight on the steroid.  And he’s started the process with our insurance company to get a continuous glucose monitoring system to help with good control of his diabetes (because Prednisone can really mess up the body’s reaction to insulin).

Basically, he’s walking a tightrope of advantages of Prednisone for the treatment of sarcoidosis without falling into the horrible side effects of big, long-term doses of steroids.

As for me, I have a long to-do list here at home — closets that need cleaned, toys and clothes that need sorted and organized, bookshelves that need purged, a treadmill that needs to find a home that is not the middle of my living room.  I’m also hoping our leaking refrigerator is as easy to fix as we think it will be.  And I’m hoping that when I try my washing machine, it has miraculously fixed itself after a couple weeks’ rest.  That’s just the kind of summer I’m having, folks.

But when I’m tempted to complain, I just remind myself to put it all in perspective.  My husband is alive.  In all likelihood, my children don’t have to worry about a horrible heart condition.  I have great friends and family who pulled together to help us out in the past month.  Really, I have so much for which to be thankful.  I’m a fortunate girl.

Things might be a little bit crazy in the day-to-day management of my home, but in the ways that matter — so far, so good.  Very good.


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