Potty-mouth Paul the Apostle

Ok, that title is a little misleading.

But I came across a blog post that is EXCELLENT!  And I wanted to be sure I’d catch your attention so you’ll click on my link to it.

So here it is.  Click and read.  I warn you that it may make you uncomfortable, but I happen to think that can be a good thing.

So read it.  Here’s the link in case you missed it. And then come back here and discuss it.



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3 responses to “Potty-mouth Paul the Apostle

  1. G-mama

    I read this yesterday and have been thinking about a reply. Actually, it doesn’t matter what the
    “exact” word is in the Greek, we still get the message. Whether Paul is referring to human or animal excrement, it is still the lowest connotation he can give. This also refers to the other quotations from other parts of the Bible.

  2. Alice

    He is right that none of us are perfect, and we often worry too much about appearances and not enough about holiness. BUT it also harms the body of Christ when believers lack shame for their sin, because “Hey, nobody’s perfect.” He calls us to “Be holy, as I am holy.” If He’s been working on us for awhile, the transformation should be visible.

  3. Lana Hartzog

    Hey, Jennifer, it’s November already! I miss you!

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