Sand, Salt Water, & Sunshine

We spent the weekend at the beach.  It was our annual beach retreat with the other people on staff here at our mission home offices.  It was a weekend of sand and sunshine and salt water.  (How’s that for alliteration?)  We also had fresh donuts each morning and some yummy ice cream and cookies, but those things don’t start with the letter “S.”

A highlight of the retreat is always the sand sculpture contest.  I use the term “contest” loosely, as I don’t think a winner is ever actually named.  Every participant gets a melty ice cream bar or fudgesicle, so -as you can see- everybody is a winner.

This light saber was very creative.

This bird on a nest was truly amazing.  There is no way our family could create a sand sculpture like this.  We cannot even get the sand to come out of those castle-shaped buckets and retain the form.


Then there was this giraffe.  Every little spot was detailed on.  It had the correct shape and proportions.  It even survived a broken neck when a child accidentally tripped on it.


Just over from the giraffe, was this family of manatees.  I thought this was exceptionally creative.

Look at the whiskers on this daddy manatee.


Seriously, we cannot do sand castles.  The sand never holds its shape when we dump it out of the molds.  We just cannot get that sand:water ratio right.


So we went with a simple geometric shape this year.  We figured we could do a rectangle.


And then we added some dried seaweed.


And an iPod is probably more representative of our family than a castle anyway.   Yeah, that’s what I mean.  We weren’t going for easy; we were looking for a sand sculpture that was most representative of our family.  Yeah, that’s it.

What do you think my youngest is doing in this picture?  Contemplating the meaning of life?  Examining his shadow? Pondering why his family can’t make elaborate sand sculptures of animals?  Praying that God will bring somebody into his life who can teach him some art skills because he has just realized that his parents will be absolutely worthless in this aspect of life?


Nah, he’s probably just wiping sand off his forehead.  And maybe wondering when his next snack will materialize.

Hey, that’s an “S” word — snacks.  And it would cover the fresh donuts, the cookies, and the ice cream.

Ok then, our weekend was filled with sand, salt water, sunshine, and snacks.  A good time was had by all.


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One response to “Sand, Salt Water, & Sunshine

  1. G-mama

    Yeah, the IPod fits your family. Next year do an IPhone and the year after that your IMac…………….!

    Love the pictures, especially of “Einstein” Griff! Yep, he probably was thinking of when the next snack will be since he usually asks about 15 minutes after a meal:-) Have a good day!

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