Sick Days

If I don’t get any sick days, then nobody else around here gets them easily.  I’m just sayin’.  If you’re my kid, you’ve got to be pretty sick to stay home from school.

Fever.  Throw-up.  Blood or puss that cannot be contained under a band-aid.  Those will get you a sick day.

Sniffles.  Mild sore throat.  Tiny little cough.  You’re going to school.

I tell you this because of a conversation I had with this little sweetie this morning.


Look at her on the first day of school.  So happy.  Excited to be going.  Look at her huge smile!

That was two weeks ago.  This morning, she had a sore throat.  She thought maybe she should stay home.

She did not have a fever.  She was not throwing up.  There was no blood.  No puss.

But she did have a sore throat.  And she was coughing a little yesterday.  And there is a chance she’s coming down with something.  So I was reasonable.  I patted her back and smoothed her hair off her face and said, “Sweetie, you may stay home if you don’t feel like going to school.  However, if you stay home, you will stay in bed all day.  You may sleep or rest or read.  You may not watch TV or movies.  You may not hang out in the living room and infect the rest of us with your sick germs.  You may not play.  If you are too sick for school, you are too sick to be up and about.  You will be quarantined in your bedroom.”

She drank some water, took a Zicam, and packed her lunch.  Twenty minutes later, she was at school.

If my kids stayed home every time they got a little sore throat or cough, I’d have a kid home from school every day!  Yeah, they have to actually be sick to get a sick day.  I’m mean that way.



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4 responses to “Sick Days

  1. Nickole

    I hear ya! Hey, at about what age does that “pack your own lunch” thing happen? I love your being a step ahead of me like that! Good to know what’s comin’ down the road 😉

  2. Nickole, you’ve inspired my next blog post!

    I’ll try to type that out today & schedule it to post for tomorrow. I discovered a fairly easy & complaint-free way of packing lunches my kids will actually eat! And they do most of the work! 🙂

  3. julieabel

    I am laughing at your post because last week Jacob got a sore throat and cough. No fever, and he wasn’t laying around sick. We made him go to school and football practice. Because you know a good “sweat” would do him good.
    But since everyone out here is so crazy over stupid swine flu Jacob had several teachers tell him that if he came to school today still coughing he would have to stay home. We are also getting e-mails about being overly cautious if your child gets sick.
    Is that happening in your neck of the woods? Maybe we are a bit hard nosed, but I do not want him to miss this early and my rule is no fever, then school it is!

  4. Julie, it must be happening everywhere. I think that’s actually why Rachel wanted to stay home. She has a cough that won’t go away, and one teacher told Rachel if her throat hurt and her cough continued, she should stay home.

    If the past is any indication, Rachel’s cough could last for weeks — especially since her latest tic is this horrible mega-throat-clearing (read: hocking noise) that irritates her throat and makes the cough worse. Well, there is no way she can miss school until this cough goes away or it would be called “home-schooling.”

    I’m trying to be vigilant about checking temperatures so I can check even a low-grade fever and keep them home. Otherwise, they’re going to school. (Unless, of course, they feel absolutely miserable and want to stay in bed all day. Then I could make an exception.)

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