One Last Look Back At Summer

I told you all about the fun things we did this summer.  But I don’t know if I mentioned that in order to do all those fun things and see all those fun people, we had to spend a lot of time in our van.

We saw a lot of this.


But every now and then, we switched it up and saw this.


And by the time we returned home, there was a light covering of crumbs all over the inside of our fan because of this.


That’s a snack mix with little pieces of cereal and nuts.  One kid, not this one, spilled his baggie all over his seat and the floor around him.  Fortunately, the week we got home, some teens were cleaning cars inside and out as a fundraiser.  They said they liked cleaning our van because, though it was covered in peanuts and cereal, all the stuff they cleaned out of it was easily recognizable.  No mystery brown goo in our van.  Which is a relief, really, because I have found my share of mystery brown goo before.  Well, it actually wasn’t much of a mystery.  But that’s another story.

If you’re ever taking a trip with my children, this is the boy you want sitting behind you.


He looks pretty rotten, but he just happily plays on his DS or has little army men fight in his lap, or he naps.  He doesn’t kick your seat or eavesdrop on your conversation or constantly interrupt to join in on your conversation.  He’s a keeper.

See those other kids behind him?


That’s what most of them did in the van.  This explains why they ran and jumped and screamed and flipped and flopped so much when we would arrive at somebody’s home.  They got their weekly allotment of sleep during our drive-time, and they acted like they were hopped up on speed all the rest of the time.

But they were really good in the van.  And that’s a good thing because we spent more than 50 hours in our van.




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3 responses to “One Last Look Back At Summer

  1. We just got back from a somewhat long trip and we mentioned again that the inventor of the DS and of those portable dvd players saved many lives!

  2. G-mama

    Ask Patrick about our trip west in 1980. The latest technology was “the Walkman”. Three of these were well worth the investment. I love your pictures!

  3. Martha

    Ah, yes! I wondered why it was we had such a hard time getting everyone settled for bed that first night….it was because they were rested! 🙂

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