I cannot believe summer vacation is almost over!  But here we are, looking over the school supply lists, figuring out who needs a new backpack and who needs new book-covers.  Tonight, while the kids and Daddy turn the living room into a movie theater, I’ll go back-to-school shopping.

But for a few minutes, I want to review some of our summer fun.

What a blessing our 5 1/2 weeks in VA, WV, and GA were!  In addition to visiting with family and friends, in addition to telling a lot of people about what God is doing in tribes all around the world, in addition to forming new relationships and partnerships, we had plenty of time to rest and enjoy some family-time.  We will all have many sweet memories from the summer of 2009.

Memories of badminton and other yard games . . .


and playing in parks.


Summertime play has brought out the resourcefulness in my boys.  They’ve played baseball with walnuts.



And they’ve turned a gardening seat into a Big Wheel.




My boys certainly mastered the art of climbing trees.

And they had plenty of opportunities to get dirty!


As we discussed yesterday, my children also swam in rivers that certainly gave their immune systems an opportunity to work overtime.




And in the midst of all the memory-making, we ate pretty well.


Yes, the summer of 2009 has been a great one!



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One response to “Sum-Sum-Summertime

  1. Gwen

    My mother always says that our immune systems all “need a good case of worms”. Maybe our kids wouldn’t get sick all the time if we just let them get a little sick once in a while.

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