Caffeine Addiction

It’s pretty bad when you need a cup of coffee before you are awake enough to make the coffee.  

That was me this morning.  I stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed the coffee pot from the coffee maker.  I filled it all the way, then remembered my husband wouldn’t be sharing the coffee with me today because he is back to drinking his daily allowance of caffeine at work.  So I started to dump half the water out.  Then, in a sort of slow motion, it happened.  The pot began to slip from my clumsy fingers.  I couldn’t get my other hand to the sink in time to catch the pot.  And CRASH!  The pot fell into the sink full of cereal bowls.  

The lip broke off the pot.  Like any good coffee-addict, I thought, “That’s OK, I can rinse off any tiny shards of glass and use this pot just for today.”  Then I noticed the giant chunk broken off the bottom of the pot.  Finally, my sleepy, slow-working brain realized that jagged hole meant no coffee this morning.  

I took an extremely scientific poll of my Facebook friends, asking them if this Coffee Pot Incident meant I could go right back to bed, and the majority voted YES.  So, Goodnight.


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One response to “Caffeine Addiction

  1. G-mama


    I think some of my grandparents boiled coffee in a pot on the stove. Don’t you have a bowl that would hold about the same amount of coffee or even your measuring cup? Come on, McIver!

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