Random Photos

I thought I’d post some random photos from our summer in the mountains. 

My kids learned this really great game called Gau Gau (pronounced gah-gah).  It’s sort of like dodgeball.  


And my younger daughter Rachel may look small and sweet, but don’t let that fool you.  She’s a killer in Gau Gau!


My son Caleb is a natural recycler.  He loves turning trash into toys.  He turned this plastic tube into sort of a cannon.


Projectile objects warm his heart.


At Audra State Park in WV, we walked along this mountain trail.


And we saw this giant rock, which had -at some point- fallen off the side of the mountain and crashed down right beside the path.


And we peered down the side of the path and saw this, straight down the side of the hill.


My kids slid down little waterfalls.


And played on huge rocks.


We saw a hollow tree that has historical significance for my hometown and wondered what it might be like to live in and around a tree for three years. 



We sure have crammed a lot of fun into five weeks!


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One response to “Random Photos

  1. WV Grammy

    We’re so happy you chose to spend part of your summer with us. It made our summer special too!

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