What brings you here?

OK, for a chuckle, I thought I’d share what search terms bring people to this blog.  

* flying ants wet laundry  

* boy grows hair   — I’m trying to imagine what would make someone Google this. Was it some first-time mom who has a bald baby and she really wants to know how to make him grow hair.  I’m sorry I wasn’t helpful.

* flying ants washer  –Clearly this person was disappointed that the “flying ants wet laundry” search didn’t yield results.  Sadly, she ended right back here again to read the story of my soppy carpet and leaky roof. 

* pregnancy eye twitching  –Glad I am not the only one who suffered through this!  

* remove blue food colouring from the skin  –I see we have a British searcher!  

* blue food coloring poop green  I hope this mother was reassured that this is a normal occurrence.  

* elf maker –This search term brings more people to my blog than anything else.  Who knew?

* the waltons barefoot –Not sure why someone is searching for this.  You people are weird.

* faux hawk mohawk  –Was my 8-year-old son searching Google unsupervised???

* food coloring in poop  –Seriously, after the elf maker, this tops the search terms.  I really never wanted to be known as “the food coloring in poop expert.” 

* went camping suddenly headache nauseous  –This exact same thing happens to me!!  It’s an allergy to being eaten by bugs and snakes and bears.  

* hundreds of flying ants in my house

* flying ants in my house

* problems with flying ants  –Ok, so I’ll be known as the “food coloring poop and flying ants expert.”  

* cheerio pee cheerleader  –Not sure I even want to know!

* meg ryan hairstyles french kiss  –I am not the only one obsessed with this hairstyle.  Yay! 


Have a nice Friday!


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One response to “What brings you here?

  1. This is AWESOME. How hilarious. I am going to have to steal this idea for my blog.

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