My Home Among The Hills

We’re in West Virginia.  

Rolling hills, chilly nights, fog hanging on hillsides.  

Catching lightning bugs, climbing trees, running barefoot in real grass and dirt.  

Laughing with cousins, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire, watering Grandpapa’s garden with water from the creek. 

Not much time to blog, and I even forgot to take pictures.  

I’m hoping your summer is as wonderful and relaxing as mine has been. 

I’ll leave you with the lyrics from my favorite song about West Virginia.  It always makes me cry.

There’s a land of rolling mountains 
Where the sky is blue above. 
And though I may roam, I hurry home, 
To those friendly hills I love. 
Where moonlit meadows ring 
with the call of whipporills 
Always you will find me in my home among the hills 
And where the sun draws rainbows in the mist 
Of waterfalls and mountain rills 
My heart will be always in the West Virginia Hills 
There, autum hillsides are bright with scarlet trees 
and in the spring, the robins sing 
While apple blossoms whisper in the breeze 
And there is music in the flashing streams 
and joy in fields of daffodils 
Laughter through the happy valleys of my home among the hills

Listen to \”My Home Among The Hills\”



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10 responses to “My Home Among The Hills

  1. Love, love, LOVE it! Thanks for posting such a beautiful song…. such great memories.

  2. I like climbing trees too. Its very fun

  3. A beautiful song indeed. I no of no one who is unmoved after hearing it…esp if you are from here…

  4. Janet

    I have been looking for these lyrics for ages. this song was sung at 4-H camp ( Jackson’s Mill) and at WVU functions.

    • Delbert K Whitlow, Kellysville, WV

      Hi Janet, I learned this song as well at Jackson’s Mill back in the late 60’s. I was in the Camp Chorus at Boys State one summer and Mrs. Millie Chrisman was the director as I recall. He was such an inspiring lady and I couldn’t wait to go to class each day. I believe she was a retired music teacher from Clarksburg. I was so thrilled to find the site and the videos on YouTube as well.

  5. Janet, did you go to 4-H camp at Jackson’s Mill? What years? 🙂 That’s one of my homes-away-from-homes.

  6. katie

    Do you happen to know who is singing it here?

  7. Katie, I don’t know. Sorry.

  8. Barbara Fake (Rhodes, Reynolds)

    The older I get the more I miss my home state. I love this song. Thanks for posting it.
    It’s good to know others feel the same about this beautiful state.

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