From Fauxhawk to Mohawk

The boys got their hair buzzed today.  You know what that means?  For about 5 minutes Caleb enjoyed a real mohawk.  


Yeah, so much better than that fraudulent fauxhawk earlier this morning.  



Too bad it only lasted a few minutes.  His punk rocker fantasy is postponed until his hair grows out again.  I’m such a mean momma.



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3 responses to “From Fauxhawk to Mohawk

  1. G-mama

    It doesn’t what his hair looks like, I can see the energy and curiosity just coming out of his eyes and face. He is such an amazing little boy! I’ve really missed all of you this week.

  2. G-mama

    I mean, it doesn’t “matter” what his hair…….

  3. I’d be willing to say his dad showed him how to do that…:) I kidded Hogan last week about doing his hair that way too.

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