Why oh why are my boys obsessed with mohawks?

They wet and gel and form these fauxhawks. When we buzz their hair, they beg for a few minutes of mohawk before the middle gets shaved too.

I see a future in a retro punk band.



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3 responses to “FauxHawk

  1. That is so funny! A friend of mine from Missouri asked me if there was a trend in my region of the country for these fauxhawks. I said, “yes, there are two boys in my son’s kindergarten class who wear their hair that way every day.” My son would love it if I’d let him do it too! What is going on in our country?! LOL

  2. G-mama

    When I said something last week about cutting their hair, Caleb said, “But I just want a trim!” I guess this is the reason. These boys are the cutest with their hair all “punked up,” and I’m sure it’s fun for them. I hate to see really little children with their hair cut in a Mohawk. What are these parent’s thinking?

  3. For the record, we don’t let them go in public with fauxhawks! But that doesn’t dampen their obsession.

    We buzzed hair today, so I have a couple fun pictures of Caleb with an actual mohawk. 🙂 I’ll post those.

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