I am alive.  I have had some bloggy thoughts make brief appearances in my brain, but I haven’t taken time to sit down and form coherent sentences with those thoughts.  I haven’t abandoned the blog.  It just seems that way. 

The children are out of school, of course.  That means, I’m working hard to keep us on a loose routine and supervise morning and afternoon chores and help everyone get along.  This apartment isn’t all that big and it gets hot in here some days.  That can lead to grumpy children who feel they don’t have enough space and take it out on anyone within a few feet (which, often, is everyone!).  

I am also trying to take the children down to the pool in the backyard of our building just about every day.  They are becoming good swimmers, and it’s fun to watch them.  It also is nice to be in the sunshine and cooling off in the pool.  And it wears them out like nothing else, so bedtime is a breeze!  

Last week, my husband and I were able to get away for a little vacation together to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law came to stay with the children — a huge blessing.  So now, in addition to the blog ideas I had at Disney World, I also have several other thoughts to share with you.  I hope to get around to those soon. 

We’re leaving soon for a fairly long visit in Virginia and West Virginia.  I’ll be taking my laptop, and I’ll have internet connection everywhere we go, so I hope to have time to write here while I’m away.  We couldn’t be more excited about the trip!  I’m telling you — that little vacation with my husband and this trip to see family and friends are like water in a desert.  This past year has been very difficult for our family.  I’d say it’s the most difficult year of our lives.  And we are thankful for the weeks God is giving us to refresh us.  

I’ll post a few more Disney World pictures and then sign out for today.  Thanks for keeping up with me here at this blog.  

IMG_0086My fierce pirates are ready with the cannon!


IMG_0095The girls were ready to ride their first real rollercoaster.


IMG_4189A refreshing snack on a hot day.  Lots of sharing going on!


IMG_4203Minnie’s house was so much fun because the kids could touch everything.  


IMG_4208And those bright green t-shirts from Brazil are the best souvenirs we’ve ever bought.  I put those green shirts on all four boys, and I don’t have any trouble easily picking them out in a crowd.  I was dreading the day they start outgrowing them, but then I recently saw that a little shop down in Orlando by the Brazilian supermarket (where I like to buy Bis chocolate bars and Patrick likes to buy Guarana soda) sells t-shirts exactly like these!  But that’s probably more than you wanted to know.  

IMG_0105The castle at night and the parade of lights were absolutely beautiful!  I almost cried it was so pretty.  And my boys were excited because Peter Pan turned himself from white to green right in front of them — like while making eye-contact with my boys.  They were thrilled!  And Snow White came over to shake my older daughter’s hand and call her by name and tell her happy birthday right in the middle of the parade.  And even though my daughter is eleven now and really too cool for Disney princesses, it made her day!  She was beaming because Snow White called her by name! (She was wearing a badge that said, “Happy Birthday, Lauren!”)  I have a whole blog post about being called by name rolling around in my head that I may get down into sentences and paragraphs here one day.  Or maybe not.  We’ll see.  

Ok, one last picture.  After a full day of Magic Kingdom, these kids were tuckered out.  There was no way we could carry these three up three flights of stairs, and they were not waking up for anything.  So, we loaded them up in the wooden cart we use to haul groceries up in the antique elevator.  They never even knew they were carted upstairs like sacks of potatoes.  



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  1. Congrats on your anniversary!! That’s so great! 🙂

    Sounds like your Disney trip was a lot of fun! Have fun on your next trip and stay safe!!

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