Sleepy Heads

Our three-year-old can fall asleep anywhere.  He gets sleepy, and he just konks out no matter where he is.   


Wonder where he gets that from?


Seriously, five minutes.  Five minutes.  The bigger kids and I left the room for five minutes to go put our pj’s on, and these two were comatose when we returned.  Drooling, snoring, REM, out-like-a-light ASLEEP in five minutes or less.  


But don’t they make a sweet picture?



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4 responses to “Sleepy Heads

  1. its definitely a male thing! and makes a sweet pic

  2. Deidra

    My husband is the same way… something in that Y chromosome is just special!

  3. Whoa! Not fair! Just wait ’till I get a picture of you drooling on the couch. he he.

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