Misc. Monday – 4/18/09


Merry Christmas in May!  

On Saturday, we had an early birthday party for my oldest child.  She will turn 11 in a couple weeks, but she wanted her party before school lets out for summer.  So, we cranked up the air conditioners and decorated for Christmas.  My daughter wanted a Christmas-themed birthday party, so we put up the three-foot tree, strung up some lights, placed some garland across the piano, and hung a couple of stockings.  Because she’s almost 11, she actually did the decorating.  I made the cupcakes.  


All the party preparations sparked a fun conversation about which birthday parties throughout the years have been our favorites.  I thought I’d mention some of Lauren’s favorites for today’s Miscellaneous Monday.  

1.  American Girl Party.  Lauren’s 8th birthday.  My mom and I had bought all sorts of American Girl party supplies at 75% off the regular price at the Hallmark store in my hometown.  Every girl was invited to wear a party dress and bring along a doll.  We decorated with AG stuff, streamers, some AG books standing around, and other girly-looking things.  The girls decorated straw hats for their dolls with feathers and ribbons and lots of glue.  We played games from the AG pencil game book.  The whole afternoon was very girly and fun.  Lauren was in the midst of her “I don’t like icing on cake” phase, so I made her cake in rose-shaped silicone pans — one large rose and several smaller rose-shaped cupcakes.  Then I sprinkled them with powdered sugar and served them on a plate covered in doilies.  

2.  The Disney Princess Party.  Lauren’s 5th birthday.  We decorated the basement of our church with pastel balloons, lots of streamers, and a large Disney Princess piñata.  I made a cake that looked like a castle, complete with sugar-cone turrets.  We played games like pass the crown and the dress-up relay.  That was really fun.  The girls were divided into two teams and they raced to put on the boa, the princess shoes, the crown, and the fluffy skirt.  They made Fruit Loop necklaces and decorated their own crowns.  It was a little girl’s dream party.

3.  The Barnyard Bash.  Lauren’s 4th birthday.  This might be our most favorite party yet.  The cake looked like a pig (a Family Fun idea).  Everyone wore overalls.  We covered our Little Tykes playhouse with large pieces of cardboard, painted to look like a barn.  My in-laws even brought bales of hay to decorate our yard.  We gave everyone red bandanas to tie around their necks upon arrival.  Then we served hot dogs in pie tins for lunch.  We played chicken limbo and we did a barnyard cake walk.  I taped farm animal shapes onto paper plates and tied string on them to make masks that the children could color.  Each child sat on the bale of hay in front of our miniature barn for Polaroid pictures they could take home that day.  It was so much fun!  

There have been many other parties — the Virginia Tech Hokie party, the Hello Kitty party, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Flowers & Hearts, Sports, Pirates, Barney, and more I am not remembering.  We love parties.  We love Christmas in May.  


How about you?  What fun birthday party ideas do you have to share?


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