If it gets too quiet . . .

while I am downloading a couple songs from iTunes, I should know my two little guys are up to no-good. 


This one, the 5-year-old, colored a big bruise-like mark on his eyelid and some orange lines on his face.  


Then he colored his own hands.  

But none of that compares with what he did to his little brother, the willing canvas.


The little booger was very pleased with his new look.


He proudly showed off his orange knee and orange tummy. 


And those orange spots and streaks all over his face.  Poor kid looks like he’s got some strange disease.  


He says his favorite color is orange now.  That’s a good thing, considering some of his skin is still stained that color.  

Guess that’s what I get for my slight obsession with Kris from American Idol and for taking 10 minutes out of my afternoon to download his songs.



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8 responses to “If it gets too quiet . . .

  1. And now, while we sit here looking at the pictures, the 3-year-old says, “That is not funny. Jackson is a very bad boy. . . . I did not let him do that. He is a very, very bad boy.”

    All those who believe the 3-year-old was not a willing participant, please say “Aye.”


    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  2. 🙂 very VERY funny!! 🙂

  3. LOL! I’m seriously rolling over here. 🙂 My boys are upstairs questioning why their mother is in fits of laughter (and I’m not going to show them the photos of Griff and Jack because I don’t want to inspire any *great* ideas here…).

  4. Martha

    So I’m curious…any comments from folks at church about your boy’s disease?

  5. Martha

    boys’ disease

  6. No comments at church. 🙂 Of course, most of the stain is on their tummies. Thank goodness, I don’t think they lifted their shirts at church.

  7. That is HYSTERICAL! 🙂 I love the 3 year old’s comment as well. 🙂

  8. As Hogan used to say when he was really little, “That’s ha-ware-wus”

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