Misc. Monday — May 4, 2009

Today’s Miscellaneous Monday — drum roll please —  Three Guilty Pleasures.  

At the risk of sounding very shallow, I’m sharing with you three of my guilty pleasures.  Don’t judge me.  You know you have your own guilty pleasures.  

1.  Reading the EW.com recaps of TV shows.  I look forward to Dalton Ross’s summary of Survivor on Friday mornings.  Sometimes I laugh until I cry.  And that guy who writes about American Idol  — very funny.  And the girl who writes about The Bachelor pokes fun of the whole premise of the show, which I appreciate because I disagree with the premise of the show, but then she’s clearly watching it and getting sucked in — just like me.  Often the humor is at the expense of a contestant, but -really- you can’t tell me Coach didn’t know people would be making fun of his “I was held captive by Amazonian dwarves” story.  

2.  Hidden candy.  At any given moment, I probably have some form of chocolate candy hidden somewhere in this apartment.  Sometimes it’s behind the rice or oatmeal in a kitchen cabinet.  Sometimes it’s under the packets of taco seasoning and the can of Ovaltine.  Sometimes it’s in my underwear drawer, where I know it definitely won’t be discovered.  Yes, I hide food from my children.  Because, to be honest with you, I need it more than they do.  Some days between 2:45 and 5:30, the only thing that keeps me sane is hiding in my room for 10 minutes and slowly eating a handful of peanut butter M&Ms or two little squares of dark chocolate.  (And, no, I don’t think my son’s compulsion to hide muffins and crackers and granola bars in his swimtrunks drawer has anything to do with this guilty pleasure of mine.  He has no idea I hid peanut butter eggs in my underwear drawer the week before Easter!) 

3.  US Weekly online.  I know.  I know.  Gossip magazines are of the devil.  But on days when I’m in my pajamas at noon and I’ve read three Clifford books and played Don’t Break the Ice and washed three loads of laundry (and piled all of it in the recliner) and I’ve stepped on twenty-four LEGO pieces and tripped over Little People, well, on days like that I find a strange comfort looking at those Just Like Us photo galleries.  You know, those unflattering realistic pictures of people like Kelly Ripa chowing down on a big cheeseburger or Julie Roberts getting caught in a downpour.  And don’t even get me started on how therapeutic the Stars Without Makeup pictures can be for me.  

So, there you have it.  Three of my guilty pleasures.  

What about you?  Feel like confessing your guilty pleasures in my comment box?



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2 responses to “Misc. Monday — May 4, 2009

  1. G-mama

    Okay, Jenn, I’ve been thinking about this all day!

    1. Getting something to eat in my car while reading a good book. It can be lunch, a cup of coffee (from Burger King, since we don’t have a Starbucks ), or a yogurt parfait. I’m not too hard to please. I think it’s just being by myself in a place that is quiet and being able to enjoy what I am reading is why I like this so much.

    2. Keeping my stash of chocolate in a basket beside my recliner. I don’t have to hide mine since we have no kids at home. But the grandkids know what’s in the basket, so I usually put it away when I know they are coming.

    3. Reality Shows. The three TV programs I watch are “Amazing Race”, “The Biggest Loser”, and “Survivor.” My favorite is “Amazing Race”. I have always loved geography and I love seeing places all over the world. We have also traveled many places and sometimes we see a place that we’ve been. When I was getting ready to go to Croatia last year, one of the sites was in Dubrovnik. It was “amazing” to be standing in the very same place a month or two later.

  2. I have chocolate hidden too! It’s usually in a cabinet behind food only I would ever pull out (such as rice or oatmeal) or it’s in my underwear drawer! Guess it’s a momma thing, needing that quiet break with a bite of chocolate to get your second wind.

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