Good Stuff

Here are some good things I’ve read in Blog-World lately.  Most of them are funny.  So if you don’t like to laugh, don’t click on any of the links.

Jon over at StuffChristiansLike wrote this about thinking we’re naked.  It’s not what you think.  Go read it.  

Stuart Delony posted this video of Colbert defending the Bible.  It’s humorous, and I agree with Stuart that we can learn some things from Colbert.  

Paul has some good things to say about Christians “ripping off the latest greatest thing and calling it great evangelism.”  

If you just want a good laugh, Tyler Stanton wrote this really funny piece about the perks of having children. 

Jason Boyett wrote this hilarious example of how some Bible stories don’t translate well to the children’s edition of the Bible.  

What about you?  Have you read anything good lately?  I think my blog set-up will allow you to post one link per comment.  If not, it will be sort of funny for everyone to try to comment and for me to get 400 comments stuck in Spam Pergatory.



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2 responses to “Good Stuff

  1. Hey, I have one for you… do you know Bryn.

    She is on her way to PNG and reading her blog entry made me think on you ~

  2. Thanks. I just visited her blog & look forward to keeping up with her adventure. 🙂

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