Misc. Monday – What have you done? – 4/27

Last week, I listed things I haven’t done.  This week, I’ll list 3 things I have done.  C’mon, play along.  

I have . . . 

1.  ridden a cable car in San Francisco.  In 2002, then-baby Caleb and I flew out to meet my husband, who was in San Francisco for a trade show.  While there, we rode the cable cars, ate at Rainforest Cafe’, saw the sea lions off Pier 39, smelled the fish at the markets by the Bay (and I was in the early stages of pregnancy, so that wasn’t a good thing), and walked Lombard Street, the famous crooked/curvy street.  I also spent plenty of time shopping at a HUGE Old Navy that had gobs of maternity clothes marked way down.  

2.  been on CBS’s The Early Show.  When we were in New York City five years ago celebrating our tenth anniversary, we stood outside The Early Show on a Friday morning.  We decided to do this because they gave away Dunkin’ Donuts donuts and coffee for free.  And we love free stuff!  Especially free donuts!  While there, we stood behind that Dave guy who does the weather and acts goofy.  He handed Patrick a donut live on TV.  And we waved to our kids (4 of them at the time).  

3.  gone skiing.  Once.  And only once.  I was in high school.  It was icy.  I am not coordinated.  I was even less coordinated then.  I was going down the bunny slope — ski a few inches, fall down, ski a few inches, fall down, fall down again trying to get up, etc.  Then I looked up, and -to my amazement- a group of blind skiers was coming down the slope.  They had on bright orange vests, and they were schooling me!  Blind skiers!  Then a little later, I was falling down again when I saw a boy I knew from state 4-H camp go zooming by on his skis.  He had one natural leg and one prosthetic leg and only one arm.  OK, so I couldn’t AT ALL keep up with the blind skiers and the one-legged skiers.  So, I sat in the lodge by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and the boy from our group who broke his collarbone earlier in the day and was waiting to mention it until we left because he didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s day. 

That is a true story.  


How about you?  What have you done?



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8 responses to “Misc. Monday – What have you done? – 4/27

  1. Tenley

    I took a Zumba class with a deaf instructor. It did not go well. 🙂

  2. 1. I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.
    2. I have married the man of my dreams.
    3. I have joined Facebook. What a time-sucker.

  3. Tenley, for real? That is funny.

    Julie, you’ve jumped from an airplane? You are braver than I. And Facebook is a time-suck. But it’s fun to reconnect with people. (Like Tenley!)

  4. 1. I’ve driven across the country.
    2. I competed in the Washington Junior Miss program my senior year in high school.
    3. I had a clarinet solo my senior year at the honor band concert–it was a huge highlight of that year.

  5. Stephanie

    1. I have had my picture in the paper twice. Once in high school sitting in a crew boat looking like a drowned rat as I waited for a race to start. (Potomac News) The second time I was donning a tiara and pink feather boa playing in a Scrabble tournament fundraiser. (Roanoke Times)
    2. I have taught second and third grade girls to macrame. I felt very accomplished after that, let me tell you.
    3. I have seen a ghost and I have had a dream in a foreign language.

  6. Martha

    1. I have been in a Disney movie.
    2. I have done barrel rolls in a small airplane (as the passenger, not as the pilot). I think I threw up after we landed.
    3. I have been swimming in the Dead Sea.

  7. Martha, I never would have guessed #2 about you knowing how car-sick you get!

  8. Martha

    Chalk it up to pride and high school peer pressure. It was a special “treat” for gifted students. We actually flew over my house and saw the farm. That part was fun.

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