Friday Refreshment – 4/24

Today’s bit of refreshing news comes from the International Justice Mission’s website.   

On Tuesday, IJM reported that they had worked with Mumbai local officials to rescue eight girls from a brothel.  The girls had been involuntarily sold into prostitution, one of them when she was around 11 years old, and some for as little as $3 (US) each.  They were kept against their will in prison-like conditions and had been repeatedly abused.  

Now that the girls have been freed from their slavery, seven have returned to their families.  One girl has chosen to participate in IJM’s rehabilitation program.  IJM is quietly helping all the girls transition into their lives of freedom.  

In the meantime, IJM is working with authorities to prosecute the woman who owned and ran the brothel.  She was caught off-guard with a wad of cash in her hand when they raided the brothel and rescued the girls.  IJM and local police had already collected much evidence against this woman.  

Every day, there are people around the world working to make a difference person-by-person.  While many are still in slavery around the world, there are eight fewer slaves in Mumbai today.  That’s refreshing!



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2 responses to “Friday Refreshment – 4/24

  1. Tenley

    Thanks for taking the positive approach of there are eight fewer slaves today. I needed that…my mind was thinking in the negative about all those still enslaved. This subject has recently become a passionate obsession of mine. It truly distresses me. Nice to hear that some have been rescued!

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