Misc. Monday – 4/20/09 — I Have Never . . .

Three things I’ve never done but want to.

I have never . . . 

1.  been to Europe.  I want to ride trains and stay in hostels.  I want to walk through villages and towns.  I especially want to go to Italy and eat gelato and sip coffee outside a cafe’ beside a narrow cobblestone street.  I don’t want to only do the tourist-y things.  I want to get a taste of real life there.  

2.  driven across the U.S.  I have always had this crazy dream of packing up my car and setting off across the U.S. taking smaller highways and eating in greasy diners.  Maybe some day, after the children are grown, Patrick and I will do this — because my dream trip across the country doesn’t really involve strapping and unstrapping little people into car seats and playing Looney Toons on the van DVD player.  I’m thinking two adults, small car, “Route 66” blasting from the speakers.  

3.  run in a race.  But Lauren, my almost-11-year-old, really wants to start running.  For fun.  I know!  Whose kid is she?!  Anyway, I’ve been considering running with her.  It might be fun to train for a very short race with her.  Since I’m not torturing myself in the pool anymore.  No promises – just an idea I’m toying with.  But this seems more likely right now than a gondola ride in Venice.


How about you?  What have you never done that you really want to?



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4 responses to “Misc. Monday – 4/20/09 — I Have Never . . .

  1. wilmahatcher

    1. Have never been to Ireland. I love almost everything Irish, especially music.

    2. Have never been to a Dodger’s game. I knew them when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers and Roy Campenello was a player. Whewww! too many years ago to tell you!

    3. Have never been able to whistle loudly using my tongue between my teeth. It sure could come in handy, but usually I can just use my “teacher voice”.

  2. Stephanie

    I have never…

    1. I have never been out of the country. Europe is high on my list. I want to see what really old is with respect to buildings and streets. I want to stay somewhere quaint and romantic like I see in the movies. I want to eat my way through every country until I have gained 15 extra pounds. Most of that would come from eating gelato in Italy I suspect.

    2. I have never been to a broadway play in the Big Apple. I want to go wearing something proper: an elegant dress with everything matching and my hair done perfect. No such outfit currently resides in my closet and never has. I want a dinner such as the likes as Ruth Reichl writes about before the show and an amazing dessert after.

    3. I have never been skinny dipping. I know I have a reputation but really, I never have before! I want moonlight and my very favorite man in the world to be with me. It would be not too cold and there would be much giggling involved.

    Good post. I will probably think of many more “nevers” later.

  3. Nickole

    For all you someday European travelers (like me!), you can live vicariously through some college friends of ours as they blog their way through life living in London and traveling everywhere else… http://travelfortwo.net/

  4. 1. I’ve never been to Europe, but the hubby did promise me upon his arrival after being in Paris that he plans to take me sometime in the near future. Like you Jenn, I don’t just want to do the typical touristy things.

    2. I’ve never been to Texas; however, that will change in a couple of weeks when we go house hunting (and I’ll get to drive through a few other states I have never been to).

    3. I’ve never been to Boston in the fall (the summer and late winter, yes…fall, no). Sorry, I just had to do my little ode to VeggieTales there. 😉

    **I have driven from Eugene, Oregon to Blacksburg, Virginia though with a 3-year-old and a 16-month-old (and our dog too). It wasn’t the nice meandering on small highways type of trip since we mostly stuck to the interstates, but we did take a few detours along the way to go through Yellowstone, the northern part of the Grand Tetons and also to Mt. Rushmore. The favorite music of that trip was a VBS worship CD that played animal noises at the very beginning of the first song (it was the only thing that would calm Aidan down when he needed to take a nap in the car…). And, before that trip, I had never been east of the Mississippi River.

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