Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon at our home.  


She was worn out from practicing line dancing after church for next week’s variety show.  And from the big belated Purim feast in her Sunday School class.  And from unsuccessfully trying to convince me to buy her cowgirl boots.  


He was worn out from screaming like a monster and losing his voice.  And from taking the red ball from the computer mouse and hiding it.  And from trying to scream and throw a temper tantrum without a voice, which can’t be much fun.  (And, yes, he is in baby-jail.  That’s what happens when you steal a vital part of the mouse for the four hundred, fifty-first time.)


These two were drawing rainbows. Well, half-rainbows because we didn’t have all the right color markers.  Roy G. Biv has been shortened to something like Ryg B.V.  Probably Roy G. Biv’s rapper name or something.  


This one was playing games on PBSkids.  Look at those shoulder blades!  I think this kid needs a cheeseburger!  STAT!  


And this kid?  Well, this kid is enduring a torture far worse than waterboarding.  He is wailing, weeping, screaming in agony over CURSIVE HANDWRITING HOMEWORK!!  

Just another typical Sunday afternoon at our place.



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4 responses to “Sunday Afternoon

  1. On the last picture … you forgot that the parent behind the wailing, weeping, screaming kid is pulling what little hair he has left … out. 😉

  2. G-mama

    Now you see why Dad has no hair! I’m not saying which kid, though.

  3. I like the last one cause it also shows Lauren sleeping.

  4. I should have known you’d notice that! I also noticed her in the background. 🙂

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