Vacation for a Day


You know what I love about living in Florida?  


I love being close to the beach.  

I never thought I was a beach-girl, but I really love it.  I love the sun and the splashing and the laughing.  I love watching my kids dig in the sand and jump in the waves.  


I love the sound of the ocean waves, the scent of sunscreen, and sand between my toes.  


I love watching my children play together, with no video games and no computer games and no arguing about whose turn is next.  


I love that feeling we get as soon as we get out of the car and smell the salty air.  That even though we know we’re only going to be there for a few hours, we are on vacation.  Vacation for a day.  Nothing to do but relax and play and have fun.  Nothing to do but be together and enjoy each other’s company.  I love that feeling. 


Yeah, I love that about living in Florida.



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3 responses to “Vacation for a Day

  1. Nickole

    It is 50 and raining here today…I love the mountains, but would LOVE to be on vacation for a day!!!

  2. G-mama

    It would be nice to live as close to the beach as you. I have found that no matter where you live, you can take a vacation for a day. One of the best one day (and one night) experiences happened when my husband and I were living in a camper in our backyard while our house was being rebuilt after a fire. Hectic doesn’t even begin to describe it! On July 3, all three of our kids left for church camp. We realized that we had one night and one day before each of us had to go to work. We called a resort park about 45 minutes away, spent the night and hiked down to the river in the gorge and had dinner there. It was a wonderful retreat that God gave us.

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