Miscellaneous Monday – 4-13-09


What are your 3 favorite kinds of Easter candy?

Mine are —

1.  Cadbury eggs.  I have no idea what that gooey stuff in the middle is, but YUM.

2.  Reese’s peanut butter eggs.  For some reason, the peanut-buttery inside tastes even better in these eggs than in regular Reese’s cups.  

3.  Butterfinger mini-eggs.  Whoever thought up the idea of crunching up little bits of the Butterfinger middle and mixing it throughout the chocolate egg?!  Genius!  

Now it’s your turn?  What are your favorite Easter candies?


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6 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – 4-13-09

  1. 1) Chocolate Covered Raisins (and raisin are healthy, right?)

    2) Heath Candy Bars (the toffee middle is also a great topping on just about anything sweet)

    3) Payday (salty and sweet … what more do you need?)

  2. G-mama

    1. Reese’s P-Nut Butter Eggs.
    2. Repeat
    3. Repeat

  3. Nickole

    1- Reese’s peanut butter eggs; they DO taste better. It’s the ratio- more peanut butter, less chocolate!
    2- Robin Eggs- chocolate eggs covered in a thin candy shell.
    3- A new find this year- Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. Dark chocolate is a vitamin, right?

  4. Nickole, I had those dark chocolate peanut M&Ms this year. I accidentally bought them, and my kiddos don’t prefer dark chocolate. hmmm, I might accidentally buy them again. 🙂

  5. Shannon

    1. Cadbury Eggs – what is that white goo anyway…

    2. Cadbury Eggs with caramel inside – Cadbury milk chocolate is sooo much better than other milk chocolate for some reason. I think you could put just about anything inside those eggs and it would be yummy.

    3. I don’t really have a 3rd, so I’ll share my dad’s favorite. He likes to buy those nasty Peeps – and he doesn’t just eat them right away – he opens the package and lets them go stale for a few days and eats them once they have gotten hard. How gross is that?

  6. Shannon, that is too funny! And gross. 🙂

    And Cadbury chocolate is better. Yum. Now I want some.

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