Happy Easter!


from The Jesus Storybook Bible:

The angel asked them, “What are you doing here?  This is a tomb and tombs are for dead people.”  The women couldn’t speak.  “Jesus isn’t dead anymore!” he said.  “He’s alive again!” . . . 

Was God really making everything sad come untrue?  Was he making even death come untrue? . . . 

Jesus said, “I am the Savior and the Rescuer of the world.”  And they knew, because he couldn’t stay dead, because Jesus had come alive again, that somehow everything would be alright.  . . . 

Jesus turned to them and said, “Go everywhere and tell everyone the happy news!  Tell them I love them so much that I died for them.  It’s the Truth that overcomes the terrible lie.  God loves his children.  Yes, he really does!”

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