Day 2 of Spring Break


Here we are — Day 2 of Spring Break.  And the temperature has dropped.  It’s 59 degrees.  And it’s windy. Really windy!  We have actual wind advisories.  Gusts like 45 miles per hour.  Brrrrrrrr

I know, I know.  Some of you have snow at your homes right now, so you’re not feeling sorry for me.  But my kids had to wear long pants today.  And poor Jackson sat around this morning wrapped up in 2 blankets!  And I had to put a sweatshirt on.  Brrrrrrr

It’s so chilly we’re having potato soup for dinner tonight.  Yum.  Warm, creamy potato soup.  It’s my adaptation of the way both my grandmas made it.  I’m feeling warmer just thinking about eating it.  Or maybe that’s the coffee I’m sipping.

So far this morning, my kids have played LEGOs and blocks and watched PBSkids.  Caleb has been glued to his brand-new DS — his birthday gift from all his grandparents and us.  Since it’s new and it’s spring break, I’m allowing him to play it much more than I normally will.  And he’s being a sweetheart and sharing.  Rachel just broke two high scores.  We’ll be hearing about this all day!


My boys have also been chasing each other around the apartment.  I just had to take a pair of scissors and a toy knife away from Silas because he was getting a little carried away being the Bad Guy.  They seriously need time to play outside.  I guess I’ll have to risk little Griffin being blown away by the 45 miles per hour wind gusts to take them outside to play.  Maybe I can tether him to my side.  

But before I take them outside, I need to shower and put on real clothes — instead of the sweatshirt and pajama pants I’m wearing now.  And I really need to drink another cup of coffee and take some Tylenol to get rid of this headache that has plagued me all morning.  And I have to get jackets for the kids and hunt down matching socks to keep their little toes warm.  

Hmmmm — maybe I’ll just let them run up and down the hall in a little while.  And do push-ups and jumping jacks in the living room.  While I sip coffee and cheer them on.  Then sweet little Griffin won’t have to be leashed to me or risk being carried by the wind into the alligator-infested lake.  

And then tonight, we can eat warm potato soup and cuddle up under warm, fuzzy blankets to watch American Idol.  My sons will cheer for that scary dude, Adam, while my daughters giggle and sarcastically re-enact his creepy performance of Ring of Fire.  

But for now, I’m going to raid my husband’s drawer for a pair of his really thick, really warm, made-for-hiking socks.  Because my toes are turning blue!  And then I’m going to feed my children cereal for lunch.  And then I’m going to cuddle with them on the couch and pretend the Cleaning Fairies are going to come clean this apartment for me.  

Aaaaaahhh — I love Spring Break!


And I’ll put the potato soup recipe on my brand-new Recipes Page.  Just for you.



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5 responses to “Day 2 of Spring Break

  1. cathatch

    The temperature has dropped to 50 here & we have a freeze warning for tonight! That’s the bad news…the good news is I have spaghetti sauce & meatballs in the CrockPot for dinner. Our Spring Break is next week, so I hope this cold front has moved on by then.

  2. Hey! Didn’t know you were a blogger, too, until your FB status update…

    Sorry about your weird weather. It’s cold here, too, and we’re not pleased.

    And I agree, Adam is pretty good, but we were also pretty weirded out by “Ring of Fire.”

    Loved reading!

  3. Um … honey … the cleaning fairies didn’t show up. And where are my warm socks?

  4. WV Grammy

    We had at least 2 inches of snow this morning. It has been cold all day with lots of snow showers. I think 35 may have been the high. It is now 32. Had to let the car warm up this morning to clear the ice from the windshield. Your 59 degrees would have been welcomed here. :0)

    Enjoy the rest of Spring break.

  5. Patrick, it seems obvious to me – the Cleaning Fairies came in, stole your socks and have taken off to warmer parts. (Those fairy wings freeze easily, ya know?) 😛

    Jen, it was a delicious 51 today with a stiff breeze, but the sun was delightful.

    Could I get the number of your Fairy Cleaning Agency?!!! 😉

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