Miscellaneous Monday

Remember how fun Misc. Monday used to be?  

To refresh your memory — I will write 3 random facts about myself and you’ll reciprocate, either in my comment section or on your own blog with a link here.  

1.  I was named after a little girl my parents knew.  They were seriously considering the name Deborah Darlene until they thought about how cute and sweet this little girl was.  Then they changed their mind and decided on Jennifer Lynn.  No offense to any Deborah Darlenes out there, but I will forever be grateful for the cute little Jennifer Lynn from the Air Force Base in Virginia.  

2.  I grew up in 4-H in West Virginia.  I think I did every cooking and child-care project available.  I suppose that might have been some foreshadowing of my life-to-come.  Pretty much everything I learned about public speaking, I learned in 4-H.  The same probably goes for any leadership skills I have.  That’s also how I learned to balance a checkbook — when I was treasurer of my club.  It was through 4-H that I also really learned the value of service to my community and to my world.  I became friends with people from all over the state of WV, friendships that continue to this day.  

3.  I have only ever had one broken bone, and it was my upper arm and could not be put in a cast.  I was in second grade.  I told those girls I could not turn a cartwheel, and they insisted I try.  As I lay on the ground crying in pain, I looked up and said, “I told you I couldn’t turn a cartwheel.”



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3 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday

  1. G-mama

    1.I was named after my dad’s little sister who had a middle name the same as mine, Wilma. My parent’s told me they planned for my middle name to be Lane, an old family name. In fact, that is the name on the state birth certificate, but I have always had Rose as my middle name. Don’t ask me how! I was just a baby!

    2. Speech and Latin have probably been the two classes to benefit me the most in life. They both prepared me for higher education and an ability to be able feel to confident about decisions. I learned that public speaking is not difficult at all if you know your subject.

    3. I don’t think I’ve ever had a broken bone, unless you count the old hip that was replaced with a new one. I really thought I’d broken my hand the night I hit it trying to get Lauren out of the bath tub. Maybe it’s just good genes and all that milk!

  2. 1 – My mom never explained my name. I was to be Sally Kay until the day of my birth. I am Julie Ann. I am sure this is the most common name for any baby in my generation. There were 3 in my history class. My younger sister is Sally Kay. She was supposed to be James Allen… right up until the moment of her birth. 🙂

    2 – I didn’t take Latin because everyone told me Mrs. Horner the Latin teacher was ridiculously hard. I ended up having her for English. She is the teacher that most prepared me for college. I should have taken Latin.

    3 – The last time I broke a bone, the doctors talked to my mom, my dad and I separately asking for an explanation. I know now they thought I was being abused. Broken bones… collar bone, right forearm (twice), left wrist. Oh, and I broke one of the casts on my right forearm in a tumble down the stairs. Does that count? My name is Julie, but you can call me Grace.

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