Deep Relationships, Cleaning Tag, & Underwear Out The Window

That’s the kind of day I’m having.  A little bit of everything.

I’ll start with the Cleaning Tag.  I had this great system going before our trip to WV.  Every day, the children did a little bit of cleaning in their rooms and had to pass Room Inspection each night before bed.  Believe me, no white gloves were involved.  My expectations were not high.  I just didn’t want anyone to trip on anything if there were a fire in the middle of the night.  If they passed room inspection, they earned a star on the chart.  Prizes were promised at the end of the week.  

We’ll get back to that system.  But this past week, I never really took time to unpack. And the kids had testing at school, so they had earlier bedtimes.  And life just felt a little bit busy.  So the bedrooms — well, let’s just say we didn’t have room inspections at all.  And if we had, nobody would have gotten a star.  

So I wanted the kids to clean their rooms today.  The boys struggled to be motivated.  I was getting annoyed and turning into Monster-Momma.  Then the brilliant idea of Cleaning Tag popped into my head.  I brought the boys into the living room and put in a Veggie Tales movie.  Then I sent Caleb to pick up 5 things and put them where they belong.  After he finished, he ran back to the living room and tagged Silas.  Then Silas ran back and picked up 5 things and put them where they belonged before running back to tag Jackson.  The three boys alternated between watching Veggie Tales and being tagged to go pick up toys or clothes or trash or whatever else had ended up on their floor this week. 

It worked well.  For a little while. Their room isn’t as clean as I wanted it to be, but it’s not as messy as it was. 

One distraction from Cleaning Tag was when Silas veered off the course of cleaning his room and ran into his sisters’ room.  The girls had opened their window.  The one without the screen.  The one they aren’t supposed to open. Ever.  And this proved too tempting for Silas.  So he picked up a pair of Rachel’s panties that were in the laundry pile and chucked them out the window to the bushes below.  

My unexpected exercise today was trekking down three flights of stairs and around the building to the bushes where I retrieved the embarrassing item.  Then I trekked back up three flights of stairs.  We seriously need to paint those windows shut.  

Before this crazy afternoon, though, we went to church.  Our youth pastor spoke this morning, and I loved the things he said about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Through the course of his teaching, he said one thing that particularly resonated with me.  I have a feeling this sentence will be working its way through my brain for the next several days.

The only time you relate the same way to any two people is if the relationship is shallow.

I’ll leave you with that thought to ponder.


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