The Pool Will Re-Open Soon . . .

but I won’t be in it.

Some of you may remember that last year I got up at a very unreasonable dark ridiculous early hour to swim in the frigid polar I think I bumped into a glacier one morning unheated pool.  

I hate to wake early.  I hate to swim.  I hate to feel like I may very well drown at any second.  But it was a character-building experience.  I made myself do something that made me uncomfortable, something that made me feel challenged, something that made me miserable.  And I’m sure I am a better person for it.  Somehow.  

But I’m not doing it again.  I have been enjoying my 45 extra minutes of sleep, thankyouverymuch.  And I have enjoyed my warm, cozy bed.  I haven’t so much enjoyed the extra 10 pounds I’ve put on, but I plan to tackle that with regular appointments with my Wii Fit.  Starting tomorrow.  Or next week.  Or after I finish this Oreo.  

So just in case any of you were waiting for reports on the joys of swimming in the dark and wondering if there were frogs or snakes or baby alligators in the pool, you won’t be getting that here this year.  Come 6:00 a.m. you’ll find me drooling on my pillow dreaming of warm chocolate chip cookies.


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