Remember me?

I used to blog here.  I would tell you funny stories about my children.  I’d share my unsolicited opinion on all manner of things.  I’d give you recipes for yummy things, like fajita soup.  And I inundated you with random facts about myself every Monday.  

Yeah, that was me.  

Then my husband almost died – for real- and my kids got the flu — the real deal influenza with days of high fevers and everything.  And twice an intestinal virus hit a kid or two, which is really quite amazing – that it only hit a kid or two and not all eight of us.  

And my mother-in-law stayed with us for five weeks (and we still like each other, and I’m not just saying that because she reads this blog).  And we took an unexpected road trip to WV because my sister-in-law’s mother died and we wanted to be with her.  And while we were there, my husband’s aunt and uncle were killed in a car accident.  

And we’ve had school conferences and signed paperwork so that our almost 8-year-old can be in a special educational therapy program at school. And my 3-year-old has bonked his head several times and I’ve spent a lot of time asking him to recite his ABC’s and tell me his name.  The night I took him to the ER, I asked him if his head hurt, and he looked up at me and said, so seriously, “No, and please stop asking me that question.” The triage nurse thought that was hilarious.  

And I’m way behind on everything, especially laundry, and I get so distracted by Facebook that I forget to blog or else whenever I’ve thought about blogging, I didn’t really have anything to say.  

But here I am now.  I don’t know that I have much to say, but I thought I’d record a few random thoughts.

* My 3-year-old is playing with his sister’s Polly Pockets right now.  He is fascinated by them and has become quite adept at putting those little rubbery outfits on and pulling them off.  He also likes to chew on the shoes. 

* I’m hosting a sports-themed birthday party tomorrow for my son, whose 8th birthday is Monday, and 5 of his friends.  I’m praying it doesn’t rain because I don’t really want all those little boys in our apartment.  I guess I’ll force myself to clean just in case it rains.  Because if I don’t clean, I know it WILL rain.  

* I LOVE planning parties.  Give me a theme and I go a little nuts.  I mean, I had a Chicken Pox Party when my kids had chicken pox!  But that trip to WV last week and the make-up schoolwork and the standardized testing at school this week and my sick need for American Idol and my collapsing on the couch into a vegetative blob at 8:30 each night — all those things combined mean that I have not done a great job of planning for this party.  Maybe the mass of little boys won’t notice that we’re flying by the seat of our pants.

* I think this is hilarious!  Some of you may have seen it already.  I’m probably so not with-it.  But it made me laugh so hard I cried!  Check it out.  

How about you?  What have you been up to during my long absence from Blogdom?



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4 responses to “Remember me?

  1. I found it hard to concentrate after I read fajita soup.
    Just kidding. Well, kinda kidding.
    Welcome back.

  2. This summer. At the parsonage. Fajita soup. Altizers and Hatchers.

  3. hey there! long time… sounds like a lot of drama and chaos in your life there…

    as is here… I haven’t blogged a whole lot more than you… getting ready for baby and renovating and such.

    Glad your husband is doing well!

  4. G-mama

    Jenn, we did pretty good together. Thank you for the opportunity and the faith that you had that I could do the kids. I visited with my sister’s daughters yesterday and I could understand almost everything her 3 year old said! 🙂 I also had good conversations with her 5 and 6 years old daughters. Loved it!

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