False Alarm . . . sort of

So during the heart catheterization yesterday, the cardiologist was shocked to find clean arteries.  I think my husband said his words were,  “What is this? A false alarm?”  

The doctor said he was absolutely certain he would find a seriously-blocked artery and would be sending my husband in for by-pass surgery.  We are so thrilled that did not happen!  

But the heart cath was not all for naught.  The cardiologist did find some heart damage consistent with a small heart attack.  He has diagnosed my husband with small vessel disease and has begun treatment for that.  And he following up with many more tests to figure out some other concerns he has.  

I’ll probably blog more later about our thoughts and emotions on all of this.  Today, I’ll stick with the facts — just the facts, ma’am.  

So — false alarm on the blocked arteries, but some real heart damage and some narrowing of the small vessels and some irregular heartbeats, etc.  We’re hoping to know what’s going on and what to expect by the end of February. 

Thanks for all your prayers.


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