Are We Unfair To The Pharisees?

My brother Jeff has written a very thought-provoking piece about the Pharisees and their bad reputation. Read it here and leave your comments for him — especially if you agree with me. 🙂

Just kidding! Just kidding! About the agreeing with me part, not about the thought-provoking part. It’s really interesting, and you should read it.



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5 responses to “Are We Unfair To The Pharisees?

  1. I have done as you asked.

    And, as I commented to Jeff, I am leaning towards your position. 🙂 I am because he hasn’t proven his key premise in my opinion.

    Blessings in Christ!

    @GaryFPatton in Toronto

  2. Gary, I don’t know how you found this little blog, but Welcome. 🙂

    My brother and I do not always agree, but he does usually give me something to think about, something that encourages me to dig deeper into the Word. And if you think this conversation is fun, you should watch us play board games together!

  3. What do I think of when I hear the word Pharisees…I think of religious people, who were very well-respected for their knowledge of the Law, and for “keeping” the Law. But then I quickly think of many of the other faults that go along with somebody who is trying to keep all the Laws and ALWAYS falling short. Pride was probably the key fault that led to all the other of their shortcomings. The Law wasn’t just given to people for them to attempt to keep, it was given to show mankind that the Law cannot be kept.
    It’s just like today when people, Christians or not, think that they’re a “good person” and are trusting in keeping their own “laws” to justify themselves. The term wretched comes to my mind. We’re as filthy rags. We’re all wretched, and in desperate need of the Savior.

  4. LOL…I didnt realize you were beating up on your your poor brother. Is he older or younger?

    Anyways, I found his post thought-provoking but very different from my own study and conclusions on phariseeism. I just had to weigh in and get more feedback. Please check out my 3 part post and leave some comments there. I appreciate feed-back.

    Do you twitter? Let’s follow one another.

  5. Eric Daniel Brown, 🙂 don’t feel sorry for my “poor brother.” He’s older than I am, and -believe me- he can give as good as he gets. LOL

    I will read your 3-part post and leave comments. Alas, I do not twitter. That same brother keeps telling me I should, but I barely keep up with this blog and I spend far too much time on Facebook and I’ve got that New Year’s goal about keeping my kitchen clean.

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