Some Good News

So often, we only read or hear about bad news.  Lately, I’ve seen a few good news stories and thought I’d share them with you.  

Columnist Michelle Malkin wrote this article about the gifts we can discover within the hearts and souls of people around us.

Usually, our local news is all about car chases and murders and burglaries. Last night, it was refreshing to read this.

Finally, when so many people are losing their homes and the news is filled with stories of greed, this encouraged me.



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2 responses to “Some Good News

  1. That is a great story – and it’s one that’s not as uncommon as we might think.

    This site – is a non-commercial site that seems to be trying to enable people to find out about needs like this and lend a hand.

    Thanks for posting this story!

  2. jeffabel

    Hey sis,

    Speaking of good news – if you are sick of all the bad news there is a new site that has only good news. I just found it but thought you might enjoy. It is

    I know this looks like spam – but I promise it isn’t.
    : )

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