If you are a grandparent (or will be some day) . . .

I want to encourage you to give your grandchildren some gifts they can keep forever.  As we decorated for Christmas this year, I realized that most of our Christmas decorations were gifts from my Grandma.  

Each year, she gave me and my husband a beautiful snow globe or a Christmas music box.  Most years she gave my children beautiful ornaments.  One year she gave them each a little Christmas porcelain box.  One year Grandma gave me a cake plate and server with green holly and red berries all over it, rimmed in gold.  It is beautiful.  I use it as much during the holiday season as I can.  Each time, I am grateful to Grandma for thinking ahead and giving me something that will always bring her to mind.  

My grandma died this past May.  She is joyfully in Heaven with her Savior now.  And we are blessedly surrounded by her thoughtful gifts and sweet memories of her during this Christmas season.  

Of course when I was a little girl, my grandma and grandad gave me toys. — Remember the Wonder Woman doll from the 70’s?  🙂  —   But once I was married, my grandma started choosing lasting gifts that would help me decorate my own home for Christmas, gifts I could always keep to remind me of my grandparents.  And once our children were born, she always wanted to choose something they would have to remember her by.  I’m so thankful she did.  Especially this year.  

So if you are grandparent, perhaps you will consider giving your grandchildren keepsake gifts from time to time.  I can guarantee they will become priceless treasures.



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3 responses to “If you are a grandparent (or will be some day) . . .

  1. jeffabel

    We realized the same thing as we were putting up our decorations. I bet most of the family did.

  2. Lucinda

    Gifts are not only physical items that can be used to decorate. This season I baked a pumpkin pie, recipe from my grandmother. The family enjoyed the pie and I was pleased to make it and take the time to ponder my memories. I was sure to tell the family about the recipe and who gave it to me. My hope would be in years to come that the kids would think of this as a gift to them. What a gift to give to generations to come, the gift of food!

  3. Lucinda, thanks. I never thought of it like that. But we do the same sorts of things with food. Lauren and I made Grandma Abel’s pepperoni rolls for a school project.

    (The following people are all still alive, but this thought is applicable because we live far away from them and often think of them when we make these foods.) I make my Grandma Pugh’s potato soup. I made my Aunt Kathy’s miniature pepperoni rolls for our Christmas Eve snack-y dinner. I made homemade Chex Mix and thought of Aunt Barbara and Aunt Libby, who often made that for our family Christmas get-together. When I make sugar cookies, I think of Aunt Sue. When I made sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving, we talked about how much it tasted like Grandmama’s. I could go on and on, but there are certain recipes that come from certain people and really do make us feel close to them, even though we’re not together.

    Thanks, Lucinda!

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