One Last Christmas Tradition


  If you have read this blog in Christmases past, then you already know about this tradition. This one is probably the children’s favorite tradition. It has nothing to do with the spiritual significance of Christmas. It has nothing to do with serving others. This tradition is only about having fun.

On Christmas morning we always have banana splits for breakfast — complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top.   What do you have for breakfast on Christmas morning?



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4 responses to “One Last Christmas Tradition

  1. I always make an egg bake. I bet my family would prefer banana splits. Well, except Marissa who is wearing a size 3 and weighs 106 pounds… and thinks she is fat. But, she wouldn’t eat the egg bake either so maybe I will just copy you!

    Except that it is -1 right now and when I look outside there is more than a foot of snow on the ground. It may be too cold for that. Maybe we will have to do Banana Splits on Easter. There will probably still be snow on the ground on April 12, but it won’t be below zero.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I was going to make cinnamon rolls, but the recipe made 7 pans. That is more than a pan of rolls for each of us. Even cutting it in half would have had us eating cinnamon rolls for nearly ever.

    So, then I decided, if you can have banana splits, we are going to have pudding. Figgy Pudding to be exact. Wont that be fun? I am going to make a vanilla Plum Pudding Sauce from instead of the one called for in this recipe that uses brandy. Yuck!

  3. Julie, figgy pudding sounds like great fun. And you can sing while you eat it. 🙂

    Who in the world needs to make 7 pans of cinnamon rolls at once?! Renee, you’re not making that many, are you??


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