Yet Another Christmas Tradition

I’ve told you about our new ornaments each year and about our green Advent box.  Today, I want to tell you about our newest Christmas tradition.  

A couple weeks ago, we sat around the dinner table discussing how we could help other people during this holiday season.  Now, when I say “discussing,” please keep in mind that this conversation was between my  husband and me and six children ages 10 and under.  So we asked a lot of questions steering the conversation.  We also interrupted the discussion a lot to remind everyone to put all four legs of their chairs on the floor, to keep their hands to themselves, to not talk with their mouths full, and to not scream to be heard.  But that’s a whole other topic.  

We came up with three ideas.  We could buy blankets or food for a homeless shelter.  We could buy something (games, books on tape, etc.) for a nursing home and visit to deliver the gifts.  Or we could buy baby stuff for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  We talked about each idea, and then we voted.  

Tonight, we are all going shopping for baby stuff.  Each child will get to choose one or two items — blankets, diapers, sleepers, socks, whatever cute little things are in Target’s baby department.  We’ll also get some baby shampoo and lotion.  We’ll get some large gift bags to put our gifts in.  And later this week, we will deliver them to the CPC.  

When I called the lady at the CPC to tell her our plans and ask if there was anything specific they really need right now, she was thrilled that we’d thought of them at Christmastime.  She also said she would love to give our children a tour of the boutique in which the moms shop there at the CPC.  

How fun it will be to shop for baby stuff!  How wonderful to teach my children the joy of giving to others, expecting nothing in return!  I think this is going to be another favorite tradition.



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3 responses to “Yet Another Christmas Tradition

  1. Aunt Julie

    As the Aunt to these beautiful children and as a employee of Care Net national- I say thank you. PRCs are so appreciative of these types of gifts. They are sooooo needed. Please let me know if your center is a Care Net affiliate or not.

  2. Julie, you are part of a reason this ministry won the vote. All the children know that Aunt Julie works to help save babies’ lives.

    On the phone, I also explained to the lady at the CPC that we have had family members in life situations that are high-risk for abortion and they chose life. Our gifts to local CPCs honors their choices and the blessings those children have been to their families.

    I’ll ask her if they are affiliated with Care Net. I know my BSF friend Irene works at a CPC in Orlando that is Care Net affiliated.

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