I am also thankful for . . .

*  K’Nex and the hours of fun they provide my children

*  my tall black boots (and my other pretty shoes)

*  breakfast for dinner

*  hymns and praise songs

*  restaurants with play-places

*  imaginations

*  laughter

*  BSF

*  washers and dryers

*  comfy pajamas

*  palm trees

*  a reliable van

*  doctors


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One response to “I am also thankful for . . .

  1. WV Grammy

    * salvation

    * the ability to work

    * my aging mother

    * 3 wonderful children who are serving the Lord

    * a husband who has been by my side for 42 years

    * raspberry lattes

    * 2 wonderful daughter-in-laws and a great (I’d better say wonderful) son-in-law

    * my church family

    * good doctors

    * modern medicines

    * the sound of a 4 year old boy saying “Grammy, I love you”.

    * a cup of hot tea and a good book

    * The Good Book

    * handmade quilts

    * memories

    * 11 beautiful grandchildren

    * warm sun on a fall day

    * Christian friends who are there when you need them

    * a God who loves us

    * food, shelter and clothing

    * many wants and all my needs

    and much, much more….

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