What God May Be Doing In The U.S.

Before the recent Presidential election, I posted a quote by Sir Alexander Tytler. In his study of history, Sir Tytler noticed that democracies do not exist as permanent governments. He noticed a specific sequence of the world’s greatest civilizations:

. . . from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependency back again into bondage.

I noted that our nation is somewhere in the apathy and dependence stages and on our way to bondage.  With so many citizens depending on our nation for so much, we are inching our way into bondage of a large government that will control too much of our lives and take away so many of our freedoms.  

Wendy rightly noted in the comment section that we can have hope, though, that we will not be left in bondage.  Because this is a cycle, bondage leads to spiritual faith.  As Wendy put it, 

God continues to work. Out of bondage comes spiritual faith. Oh that we could get back there as a country with out it but I’m not sure that we can. God does move, but we are to comfortable to listen. If His ultimate purpose for us is holiness not comfort than where does that take us? Hard to think about but reminds us that God has not abandoned us – He wants what is best for us.

I love this reminder!  Over and over in the Bible, we see that God wants people to turn to Him.  Sometimes, the atmosphere most conducive to that is one of bondage, of persecution.  

Many months ago, my  husband and I were discussing the United States and what God may be doing in our nation.  While I would love for our  nation to have laws that honor God and align with His Word, I am not sure that is His purpose for us now.  I know that doesn’t seem to make sense.  I would think that it would obviously be God’s will for our country to respect life, respect God’s design for marriage, uphold freedoms, honor Him rather than blaspheme Him, and reflect His attributes and characteristics.  But if God’s purpose is for people to turn to Him and for hearts to truly change, that sort of climate in this country may not accomplish His purpose.  

For many years this country’s laws did reflect God’s character.  And God’s people became lazy and comfortable.  We looked to laws and traditions to make our country look like a Christian nation.  Too many of us ignored the Great Commission.  We did not preach and teach and make disciples so that our nation would be made up of real Christians.  Eventually, the empty outer facade of a Christian nation began to crack because you cannot make a Christian nation by laws and traditions; you must actually have a majority of the nation be Christ-followers.  

We know from history (and from the situation in many parts of the world today) that the Church grows the most under persecution.  We humans are stubborn and proud, and often God must bring us into bondage and persecution before we will turn our hearts to Him.  If we believe that God’s purpose is for people to turn to Him, then perhaps His purpose for the U.S. is bondage and persecution.  

I know, I know — that’s not a very happy thought.  But I believe that God is Sovereign and either appoints or allows national leaders.  I’ve been thinking for a while now that it may not be God’s will for the most godly man to be our President.  Maybe God’s perfect plan to draw more people to Himself and grow His Church in this nation is for us to have an ungodly leader, to be in bondage to a large government that gradually takes back our freedoms.  Perhaps only then will we realize our need for Him and the ultimate freedom He offers through His Son.



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2 responses to “What God May Be Doing In The U.S.

  1. Good points. It goes right along with what Pastor B said this evening about God using leaders, regardless of their beliefs, to carry out his plan.
    One example is the wonderful story of Joseph, and his boss, Pharaoh. Pharaoh had listened to and believed all that Joseph had told him, and in the end, put him is power over all the people under Pharaoh. Then he had Israel/Jacob and all his family brought to Egypt (a pagan nation) for them to live and prosper in the land of Goshen. This was while all the rest of the people were coming to Egypt to buy/trade/contract for the food that Joseph had directed them to store up. God directly led them to this land to make them grow from these 70 or so into a great multitude of 2+million 400 years later.
    Another example is where God used Caesar Augustus to order a census that made Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem come to pass as prophecy had foretold.
    There are many other instances too. Hey, that would be a good study. Have a great week!

  2. I wish I had your gift for writing; I have had these same thoughts rolling around in my head, but I couldn’t verbalize it or adequately convey my feelings to paper (or computer). I mentioned to someone that I felt like the church in America was about to move into a persecution phase and our faith would truly be challenged – maybe for the first time in our lives. They told me I shouldn’t wish for that, and that I was being cynical to give up on our country so easily. I’m not wishing for that! … unless that’s what God decides we’re needing! (And personally I’d kinda agree.)

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