Rambling Update On Life

This summer has flown by.  Nothing has turned out quite how I’d expected — which, I’ve learned, is just how my life always goes.  

We’ve gone swimming several times in the pool.  We’ve gone to the zoo and played in the splash park many times.  We’ve had company — a big group of company.  

We took an unexpected trip to WV and back again, via VA and SC.  We’ve walked to the farmers’ market.  We’ve gone to the library, though only once because I had trouble screening books for the girls while keeping Jackson and Griffin where they belonged (as in – not running all over the library).  

We’ve had friends in and out of the apartment nearly every day.  We’ve made cookies.  We’ve had a lot of smoothies.  

We’ve cleaned and organized and sorted and gotten everything where it really needs to go.  And then we’ve put everything away over and over and over again because we do have six children who like to take things out of their places.  

We’ve watched movies and eaten popcorn.  We’ve played a lot of Wii.  We’ve spent of lot of time learning to live in an apartment, and I think we might still be learning that.  

We’ve used a lot of sunscreen, and we still got some sunburns.  

The children have bounced in a lot of those inflatable bounce houses because we live beside a park, and every time there is an event at the park, those bounce houses pop up.  

We celebrated the 4th of July with 150,000 other people and watched 3000 fireworks go off over the lake behind our building.  We ate carnival food and listened to live 80’s rock music.  Silas even danced with me while we waited for Daddy to get the funnel cakes.  (And yes, more bounce houses!)

We’ve learned to deal with daily afternoon thunderstorms. 

Caleb and I have studied phonics and practiced reading.  Even when one or both of us weren’t having a great time.  

The children went to VBS.  The girls are going to another VBS now and have worked hard all week to earn money for the offering, money for children in Haiti.  (I’m proud of them.)  

We have also spent a lot of time trying to learn self-control and kindness and how to get along. (I might have that lesson down by the time the children leave home. 🙂 )  

We have spent a lot of time learning how to cope with Tourette Syndrome times two.  And  since Tourette Syndrome is not the same from day to day in one person, it is very unpredictable in two people.  (Rindy, I’m sure I could learn a BUNCH from you!)  

Now, we’re preparing to leave town again.  We have plans to visit many people in four or five states and a few churches over the next three and a half weeks.  Then we will return home just in time to start school.  I am looking forward to the normal routine of fall.  The children and I all do best when we have a schedule forced on us.  

So, when I haven’t been blogging this summer — that’s what I’ve been doing.  Life.  I’ve also been keeping a list of things to write about when I do have time.  Maybe once we settle back into routine, I’ll write all those posts.  Now that there are only about five of you reading . . . 🙂  

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  And if you want, leave a comment telling us all what memorable things you’ve done this summer.  Has your summer gone exactly how you planned?



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6 responses to “Rambling Update On Life

  1. …uh… our summer hasn’t starated if you are talking about weather. mid July and we have only had 3… there may have been 4, sunny days. And those only a couple of them hit 70 degrees… not complaining, or anything 🙂

  2. Yeah, Renee. It is funny how we live in such opposite places, climately speaking. (Why, yes, “climately” is a word. Now.) 🙂

  3. Martha

    We’ve sold a house, hosted a High Power Soccer camp VBS, gone to another VBS, had lots of playdates and meals with Colorado friends as we said goodbye to them, and sang and played at our last Sunday at church.

    We’ve watched our house get packed up and loaded onto a truck, driven two FULL days across the country to Georgia (gotten motion sick along the way), seen my parents, fed ducks and chickens (John called them “hedgeons”!), walked where the Palm Sunday weekend tornado wreaked its havoc, eaten fresh cherry tomatoes, and played in water.

    We’ve been in our rental house one week.

    We’ve cleaned the inside of a rental house, eaten too much fast food, and camped out on the floor.

    We’ve waited on the moving truck to come, then watched all of our stuff come off. We’ve unpacked and unpacked and tried to figure out where all those right places are. We’ve driven around this part of the state to get our bearings and run to Lowe’s to get stuff. We’ve eaten fresh peaches from South Carolina. We’ve played in more water and gone canoeing on a river. We’ve gotten mosquito bites. We’ve had a terrific thunderstorm.

    We’ve flattened lots of paper and boxes. We’ve met some nice neighbors and we’ve met some nice neighbors’ children. We’ve made a big pile of trash out by the driveway. We’ve made some plans for my parents to come visit this weekend to celebrate John’s 3rd birthday.

    No, it hasn’t gone exactly the way I had planned it either, but God has been good all the way around it and through it, and He has been gracious to show me His fingerprints all over it. Enjoy your trip and maybe we’ll see you on the way back!

  4. sarah n

    Hi Jennifer! I still read occasionally, but think of you often. Many people in the NRV think of you. I think you leave an impression everywhere you go!

    One thing I’ve been battling recently is anxiety, I think. I can’t really categorize it, or identify it. But I thought I’d take a stab and see if you’d ever experienced it or have any suggestions. Sometimes I’m scared to face the day with just 3 little ones. I have a tight throat, a heavy chest, and pray that the kids don’t do anything terrible that would provoke me to react inappropriately. My “on-the-edge-ness” is consuming me. I keep reading about “be anxious about nothing” and “my yoke is light” but I still can’t overcome whatever this is.

    I look forward to your comments on this.

  5. Martha

    I have experienced similar struggles, Sarah N. Jenn has my email or phone number if you’d like to write/call me off the blog.

  6. Libby Abel

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It helps me get a grip when I’m having a bad day. It is a blessing to me and other members of the family. Love ya,
    Your Uncle’s wife

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