Some Better

Thanks for your prayers.  Today, the tics are not as bad.  The tics are still there, and Silas is still behaving wildly and extremely impulsively, but it’s better than yesterday.  

It’s the impulse-control issues that are so difficult for me to handle.  When a child is behaving erratically and cannot seem to exercise self-control, even when corrected or re-directed or punished or (fill in the blank — I think I’ve tried it all), it is frustrating.  I feel totally out of control and helpless.  Not to mention what everyone around must be thinking about my parenting skills and why my child is acting so unruly!  The Lord sure is working on my obsession about what other people think!  Talk about humbling!




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5 responses to “Some Better

  1. Martha

    Not to mention that God is also demonstrating His incredible power through your weakness.

    His power is IN you…
    -not giving up
    -seeing Him in the midst of it
    -still correcting, again redirecting
    -asking Him for wisdom
    -trusting Him still as your loving Heavenly Father

    But then Paul had to go so far and say he “delighted” in his weaknesses. Ugh.

    Lord, give grace to get there.

  2. Tom

    You are in our prayers.

    Take care,

  3. The best thing about Tourette Syndrome is that it’s never the same. From day to day, the tics change and come and go. If one tic is driving us crazy, we know it won’t last. 🙂

    I keep reminding myself of that.

    I think I’ve just been surprised how the tics and the crazy impulsiveness just came on full-force.

    Thanks for your prayers. I’m dealing, and I’m not as overwhelmed as I sounded a day or two ago. 🙂

  4. [ The Lord sure is working on my obsession about what other people think! Talk about humbling!] Ditto! He has been working on this since Marissa moved into my home 9 years ago. I am a slow learner! 🙂

  5. Julie, I’m a slow learner too! Maybe by the time I’m 90, I won’t care any more.

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