“She can have her own room”

You know, when you’ve never had your own bedroom, I guess the thought of one day not having to share a room with someone else becomes a really, really big deal.  Some of my children dream of the day when they can grow up and have their own space and some real privacy.  (In the meantime, of course, they beg to sleep in the same room nearly every night, and we have found four or five of them in the same bunkbed before.  Often.)  

So while I was putting on makeup the other morning, five-year-old Silas was sitting on my bed chatting with me off and on.  After being quiet for a few minutes, he said, “That’s the thing I wouldn’t like about being married.  Sharing a room.  When I grow up and get married, I want my own room and she can have her own room too.”  




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2 responses to ““She can have her own room”

  1. LOL! Thanks for sharing that Jenn.

  2. Martha

    Very funny! Jim often reminds Elizabeth that she is the only person in the house with her own room…

    And the boys have perfectly good bunk beds, but tonight they have decided to camp out on a pallet and a sleeping bag on the floor. I thought, “Why not?” In fact, I should probably go check and see if they have gone to sleep yet…

    Great story! You should send it to Reader’s Digest…

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