Another Great Movie

How did I miss this movie when it was released in September of 2006?  Sunday night our family watched the animated film Everyone’s Hero.  What an appropriate movie for Father’s Day!  

Set in the early 1930’s, this movie is about a ten year old boy named Yankee Irving.  A huge baseball fan, Yankee can’t seem to actually hit the ball when he plays out on the sandlot with the other boys in his neighborhood.  Yankee’s dad works as a janitor at Yankee Stadium.  One night, while Yankee is with his dad at the ballpark, Babe Ruth’s bat is stolen. Mr. Irving is fired as a result, so young Yankee sets out to find Babe’s bat and return it to Babe during the World Series.  A Yankee series win and Mr. Irving’s job are both at stake.

Featuring the voices of a star-studded cast (Whoopi Goldberg, Rob Reiner, William H. Macy, Mandy Patinkin, Richard Kind, Brian Dennehy, Joe Torre, and Robert Wagner), Everyone’s Hero was directed by Christopher Reeve and produced by, among others, Christopher and Dana Reeve.  Christopher Reeve was actually working on this movie at the time of his death.  Dana Reeve also voiced a character in the movie.  She died six months before the movie was released.  

Little Yankee Irving has a mother and a father who love him and each other and are shown on the screen together in a very positive way.  You know, this is really rare in kids’ movies today.  The bad guys in the movie are bad enough, but they’re not too scary.  There is just enough underwear and bodily function humor to make kids laugh, but not enough to be really gross or inappropriate.  The chase scenes are exciting but there is enough humor added in so that children won’t be too frightened.  And the moral of the movie is to keep swingin’ and to never give up.  I’d say that’s a fitting moral to a movie being made by Christopher and Dana Reeve.  

Even better in my mind is that little Yankee really wants to get Babe Ruth’s bat so that his dad can have his job back.  His love for his father is really the driving force behind his cross-country journey.  

I wish you could have seen my children watching this movie.  They loved it!  And because there were no underlying innuendoes, no underlying political statements, no underlying agendas — which is refreshing in a children’s movie today — we love it too.  This is definitely going on our want-to-own list.  



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