Rent This Movie

We rented the movie Bella and watched it tonight.  What a refreshing film!  

Some film-makers decided they couldn’t make movies that went against everything they believe in.  They didn’t want to contribute more violence, more negative stereotype, more gratuitous sexual scenes, and more demoralizing and degrading movies.  They wanted to create films that uplift and honor and “light a candle in the audience’s heart.”  

Thus came Bella.  A film about life and remorse and pain and family and forgiveness and second chances.  A film about love.

Rent it.  Or buy it.  



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2 responses to “Rent This Movie

  1. Lucinda

    What a great looking movie. I would really like to see this. Thanks for the including the video clip. I would like to suggest to you a series of books by Karen Kingsbury with Gary Smalley. It is the Redemption series. I started the first book last Saturday and I have finished it and one more. I will probably go and buy the next one tonight. The series follows the lives of a family, 5 grown children. Great fun reading, with lessons included.

  2. Lucinda, I have read all of those books and the following series which carry on the stories of the same groups of people. They are all very good books.

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