I am not alone

In a very sick way, it makes me feel sort of good to see that someone found my blog by searching, “How to get an airsoft beebee out of my child’s ear.”  

Not that I’m glad another child had a BB jammed in his ear.  No, of course not.  

I just feel a little bit better now.  I am not alone. 



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5 responses to “I am not alone

  1. Your neighbor who loves your kids

    This is so hilarious

  2. Here’s another crazy thing that Jackson’s birthday buddy did today when he was supposed to be in “quiet time.” I’ll send you photos after I get them off my camera just so you can enjoy it almost as much as we have. 😉

    Well…apparently, Rob and I had a black Sharpie somewhere in our room and the 4-year-old found it. He proceeded to color my new red pillow sham, the tablecloth on the night stand, he drew quite the mural on our white fitted sheet (what I took the photo of) too. Just thought you’d appreciate his little antics…I’m going to scour every room that he is supposed to be laying “quietly” in from now on so we have no more repeat episodes!

  3. Oh, Crystal! You know, our pastor’s message this morning spoke right to my heart. One thing he reminded us to do is to show grace to our children often. He reminded us to teach to their hearts and not to performance. It was a much-needed reminder for me right now. I’m guessing much grace was needed for that incident! 🙂

    You know, when Silas drew on our bathroom wall with a Sharpie back in Virginia, it looked very much like it should be a character in Chinese. When Rachel saw it, she so seriously exclaimed, “I didn’t even know Silas knew Chinese!” ha ha ha ha

  4. Yes…God has been speaking to me about extending grace to my children. A couple of weeks ago, when it took them 5.5 hours to clean the toy room, I think I prayed nearly all of that time!

    The sheets don’t bear any Chinese-looking characters. Honestly, they look a bit more like “alien” forms. 🙂

  5. You are so funny. You are the one who turned me on to reading the search engine terms that bring people to my blog. It is the favorite part of my stats.

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