More Sara Groves

This is sort of how I feel some days.  




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4 responses to “More Sara Groves

  1. Me too…

    Though we’re on totally different roads.

    Makes me smile to think they are to the same destination!

    Praying you through, dear friend and sister.

    Praying you through…


  2. Thanks, Kari. 🙂 And our paths may intersect at a Sara Groves concert someday. hee hee

  3. Or Go Fish…

    Which is another of my absolute most favorites.

    Hey – I just this second noticed you have Jamie’s Snazzy Blog down there. I just found that and bloglined it today…

    you know…

    It is almost freaky how much you like the same things I do…

  4. we must both be really cool. 🙂 hee hee hee

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