Sara Groves On Modern Slavery



What will you give up to be a part of this story?  What will you risk to be part of this modern-day underground railroad?



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4 responses to “Sara Groves On Modern Slavery

  1. Thanks for talking about modern day slavery. Many children in Haiti end up as Restaveks, household slaves. There parents send them to a wealthy family in Port-au-Prince in hopes that their children will be fed, clothed and given an education. Generally, the kids are not educated, dressed in rags and recieve a diet that doesn’t meet their needs.

  2. Julie, I think it is far more common than we realize. And I’m glad people with a platform, like Sara Groves, are speaking about it publicly.

    Often, I am shocked at the capacity for evil in people. Then, the Holy Spirit reminds me that if we have not accepted Christ and given our lives to Him, we are enemies of God and capable of every manner of evil.

    As I study Matthew, I see over and over Jesus’ care for the oppressed, the disadvantaged, the poor, the ones with no ability to help themselves — obviously, spiritually, that includes all of us; but physically, temporally, Jesus also demonstrates a heart for those who are at the bottom rungs of the social ladder, the weak, the abused and misused. If I am going to be like my Master, I also will have a burden for helping those who cannot help themselves. My heart will break over issues like this.

  3. Tom

    This is a wonderful cause. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  4. Now I am just left to wonder who is Sarah Groves? Off to Google to find out.

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