Miscellaneous Monday – 4-14-08

Back by popular demand . . .  Ok, not really.  But it’s back!  Miscellaneous Monday!  

Today the topic is –Your 3 favorite vacations.  Three is the random number I chose for Miscellaneous Monday topics.  But if you only have 2 or you must tell about 4, that’s OK.  

My 3 favorite vacations during adulthood–

1.  My  honeymoon.  We spent almost a week in the Smoky Mountains.  We had our own cabin in the woods.  The whole thing felt so removed from real life — no worries, no responsibilities, just complete relaxation and joy.  I was so elated to be married to Patrick, and the whole honeymoon vacation just felt like a dream.  

2.  Montego Bay, Jamaica.  In 2000, Patrick had to go to Montego Bay for business for two weeks!  He wanted me to come along for the first week.  So Grammy and Grandad and Aunt Diana and Aunt Barbara all chipped in to watch the girls, who were so little back then, and we flew off to Jamaica.  I was in the early weeks of pregnancy (with Caleb), and this vacation was perfect.  We stayed at a quiet gated hotel.  It was not a fancy, commercial, all-inclusive resort — which would be fun under different circumstances.  Our balcony overlooked the ocean.  Every morning, Patrick would get up and get ready for work, and I would lie in bed as long as possible.  Then I would get up and be sick.  Then the waiter would bring our breakfast to our balcony.  I sat on the balcony in my white robe eating a delicious breakfast, looking out at the ocean.  

After breakfast, Patrick would go with his co-worker and their driver to the office where they were working, and I would put on my bathing suit, grab a book, and head to the pool.  I would sit by the pool and read, then maybe swim a little bit, then sit by the ocean and read, then go back up to the pool to read.  Before lunch, I’d go up and change into real clothes, then I’d have lunch at the hotel restaurant.  

After lunch, it rained every day.  Stormed, really.  And the electricity would go out for a while.  It was the perfect time to nap!  So I’d nap for a couple hours.  

Then I’d get showered and ready for dinner so that when Patrick returned, we could go out to a restaurant for dinner.  We ate at the most interesting places.  One night, we had fondue on this creaky old boat.  At one time, in the distant past, it was one of THE places to eat in Montego Bay, as the autographed pictures of famous people on the wall attested to.  I’ll just say those days were long gone.  🙂  But it was an experience.  

Anyway, it was the most relaxing week of my life.  I read like 7 books.  And I cannot explain just how wonderful that breakfast on the balcony experience was every morning.  


3.  Chincoteague Island, Virginia.  Though we gave up our Chincoteague vacation in 2005, God allowed us to go in 2006.  We stayed in this amazing house that had everything we needed while we were there.  That house was perfect!  The backyard had a screened in gazebo, where we had a picnic one evening.  There was a covered sandbox for the children.  The grill was enough to make me want to start grunting and cooking with fire!  The shed had beach umbrellas and toys and everything we could ever imagine needing.  There were board games and toys and videos, which came in handy on a couple rainy days.  Even cooking in the giant kitchen seemed like more fun than work!  

We loved the beach and the lighthouse and the birds and animals over on Assateague.  We loved trying to catch glimpses of the wild ponies.  We really loved the quiet small-town feel of the island.  And we enjoyed trying out all three ice cream places on Chincoteague.  

The children had an excellent time.  We made some wonderful memories.  Everyone behaved better; we were all more cheerful; we enjoyed each other.  It was just a dream vacation!  (And because we went in early June, it was still off-peak season and the rates on the house were cheaper.  We rented that huge house, which sleeps ten, for a whole week for less than a thousand dollars.  We ate almost all our meals there.  We did eat at a local pizza place one evening. And, of course, we splurged for ice cream three times.)  

Some day, we want to go back. 


So, how about you?  What are your 3 favorite vacations?



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11 responses to “Miscellaneous Monday – 4-14-08

  1. 1) Honeymoon to Hawaii
    2) We went to the Smokey Mountains and North Carolina and I LOVED IT!!! So Beautiful!! It was a 5500 mile trip in less than 2 weeks but it was terrific!
    3) Going to San Diego. I love the weather and fresh strawberries from the farm we go to pick them at.

  2. Tom

    1) Honeymoon in Disney World (8 days 7 nights)
    2) Camping in Vermont (with wife, kids and friends)
    3) Camping in New Hampshire (a few years back with wife and kid {as well as friends from church including Bob, Pat, Loni and Trey)


  3. Patrick Hatcher

    Let’s see, I’m gonna have to make this a “top 4”. The three that my lovely wife mentioned, and also a two and a half month driving/camping trip my family took when I was young. There were 5 of us in a green volkswagen camper van, and we camped around the United States for that whole time. If I remember correctly, we only stayed in one motel. We started in WV, headed south across TX, dipped into Mexico, came up through CA, up to Canada, and zig zagged our way back home across the Midwest. What a great trip!

  4. 1) Honeymoon to the North Shore of Lake Superior.

    Until 5 years ago I was in Washington, my parents were in Arizona, one sister was in Minnesota and my other sister was in South Carolina. Now, we have it more together. I moved to Minnesota and my mom is in South Carolina. Every vacation is spent visiting family. They are all special and I cherish our together time. But, if I have to pick ~

    2) We went to Phoenix for Y2K, my dad’s 60th, my parents’ 40th and, of course, Christmas. All of us were together all at the same time.
    3) This might not make any sense, but my parents were visiting me when my Dad died. I had taken vacation time to enjoy them. The last week he was alive, my Dad enjoyed a family reunion, we went to the Minnesota State Fair (his favorite thing to do ever since he was a child), and the day before he died I was on a picnic with him. The week of his funeral, my family was all together at the same time. I talked to my older sister about why I believed in a Creator and why knowing God through the person of Christ brings salvation; I hadn’t ever had the nerve to do that before because I was afraid of alienating her. So, with all the sadness and tears, that week will still have to make my top three.

  5. That is cool, Julie.

    When my grandad died and all our family was together, I actually enjoyed being with my family that week. We laughed a lot. We ate good food. We acted silly. We cried together. It was good.

  6. I can so understand what you are saying about the breakfast on the balcony. There is just something special about having breakfast somewhere other than on the run, or by the computer in the morning, or not at all. I actually choose holiday places on the basis of their outlook, so I can eat my meals somewhere beautiful. Looking out over the ocean is magical. So serene!

    Top three for me?

    1. Our honeymoon. There was one place we stayed in which was a little cottage on a luxury resort. Each little cottage was set far apart from the others, in the bush (I’m in AUstralia). One wall of the cottage was glass, with no curtains, and the bush came smack bang against it. It was amazing. They had a spa bath about 30 metres from the cottage, and you had to walk across several little platforms to get to it through the bush. It had candles all around, and having a steamy bath out in the open, in the cold, was amazing! Each evening, they would drop off the next day’s breakfast – fresh bread, bacon, eggs, fruit and so on. You would cook it yourself, and eat it, overlooking the serenity of the trees.
    2. Last year, in France. We booked a gite in the Dordogne. Picture looking out onto French hills, fresh baguette from the bakery each morning, steaming coffee, all from our little patio.
    3. This summer, down in Albany. We stayed in a hotel on the beach, and several times a day we would walk for miles along the sand. I love, love, love the ocean!


  7. Oh! I think in another post you mentioned Cirque de Soleil? I just have to say (boasting, here!) that my husband’s cousin is in that circus. 🙂

  8. Ok, that does it, Valerie. I want to stay in one of those cottages in Australia. You’ve officially made me covet your vacation. 🙂

  9. 1. last summer–my 3 sons and me–white water rafting in W. Va., a day in Jacksonville Fla, Universal Studios, a week helping friends move to Georgia, then catching up with some old friends in NC!!
    2. 8 yrs ago–my 3 sons and me–Hawaii!! 🙂
    3. and I’m hoping to put May’s vacation as #3–to the Outer Banks of NC with the best friends ever (and who we happen to be moving to Cincinnati with!!). I can’t wait!!

  10. Rindy, WV is my home-state. Isn’t it beautiful?!

  11. 1. We always went to South Padre Island, TX when I was growing up – we only lived about 60 miles from it. The best trip was the time we went in November and stayed in a hotel for a couple of days. We grilled out and everything – so much fun!

    2. I loved my honeymoon tour of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We started in Boone, NC and worked our way over to Gatlinburg, TN. We stopped at Grandfather Mountain, Linville Caverns, rode a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, climber Chimney Rock, went to Biltmore, and ended our trip with a day at Dollywood. Lots of fun! 🙂

    3. Another great trip was the summer after we got married when we went on a missions trip to Nova Scotia. We helped a camp get ready for the summer but also got to go sight-seeing – went to Peggy’s Cove and Prince Edward Island where we stopped by The Anne of Green Gables property.

    There are several other trips that stand out for me, but you just asked for three. 🙂

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